What Doesn’t John Cena Like About Roman Reigns?

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We know that there have been a lot of words said in the feud between Roman Reigns and John Cena. They have engaged in verbal battles over the course of last month, and John Cena has been much more successful than his rival. These two will have their duels in the near future, and we expect this great feud to keep going. When they are together in the ring, there is that big fight feel that they are able to produce. That is what John Cena does the best.

Since that first week when Cena really ripped into Roman, there have been a lot of questions about whether or not these promos are scripted or are the wrestlers saying whatever they feel like they should. In the end, we know that everything was planned and that they have been given a chance to express themselves but that they had to follow the guidelines which WWE officials and writers had set for them.

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In real life, John Cena roots for Roman Reigns to succeed. He knows how talented he is and that this man has huge potential, but that he just hasn’t been able to make the most out of the talent that he possesses. WWE is partially to blame for that as they haven’t put him in the best position to succeed, too. Here is how Cena sees things.

“In a very legitimate sense, my biggest hangup with Roman Reigns as the frontrunner of the WWE, is the fact that he seems to lack in his ability to communicate with the audience. And it’s just not that he can’t. I know Roman. Like, socially, he’s a great guy. He has a presence that’s undeniable, so I know it’s there. Just nobody had the nu*s to bring it out of him, nobody.”