What Exactly are Sex Toys? 5 Reasons for Choosing One!

A Sex Toy? What’s That?

Sex Toys – They are adult toys or “intercourse boosters” as some may refer. Is an object in which a person uses to gain more pleasure during sexual intercourse or masturbation.

On a recent trip to Cupid Boutique, an adult toy store in Toronto, Ontario.  I noticed there were a lot more selections in the sex toy store nowadays than when I was there a few years back. This adult toy store Canada is my favorite. But you can choose any local sex shop nearest you.

That got me thinking, I haven’t done a sex toys break down in a few years maybe I should re touch the topic and expand more knowledge to my fellow readers. Encase you intend in the future to the head to your closest sex shop.

My first and foremost point about this blog is that no matter what has been said, sex toys are totally normal for use and should be a part of your life if you are not sexually active on a consistent basis.

Let me break it down for you:

Types of Sex Toys: (Just to name a few)

Vibrators:  What is a vibrator? Vibrators are a motorized object that can send high frequency vibrations throughout our bodies. They work wonders for taking the edge off and learning how to orgasm most but not all are sex toys for girls but men can use them too.

Some vibrators on the market today are: Magic Wands, Bullets, Dual Stimulation (Rabbit, G-Spot), Couples, Suction Air Pulse, Massagers, Anal Vibrators and Vibrating Panties. These are clitoral and vagina sex toys.

Masturbators (aka Penis Toy): What is a Masturbator? A Masturbator is a fleshy realistic look and feel body part vagina penis toy that is designed for men to train their penis muscles and promote healthy ejaculations. This could include penis muscles exercises, and stamina training.

Some masturbators on the market today are:  Fleshlights, Palm Strokers, Mega Masturbators, Automated, and Sex Dolls. (These are penis sex toys)

Dildos: What are dildos? Dildos are penis shaped sex toys that replicate the real counterpart. They can be used for vaginal or anal penetration and some even vibrate which is a cool bonus! Most dildos are dual density so it is soft on the outside and inside it’s a stiff core (very realistic!). You can use a dildo by itself or you can get one that has a suction cup base and add to any harness compatible kit.

Kinds of Dildo on the market today are: Realistic, Vibrating, Non Phallic, Double Ended, Glass, Strap-On, Semi-Realistic, Squirting.

Anal Toys: What are Anal Toys? Anal toys are vibrational toys that are shaped to for easy anus penetration. They deliver internal anal stimulations which is said to boost orgasms in women and ejaculations in men. Some anal toys are considered P-spot healthy toys for men.

Some Anal Toys on the market today are: Butt Plugs, Anal Beads, Prostate Massagers, Anal Douches, Anal Kits, Anal Vibrators, and Anal Probes. (Most of these are silicone sex toys.)

BDSM/Fetish:  What are BDSM/Fetish Toys? BDSM/Fetish toys are not for the average player but for those that seek higher pleasure heights by depriving, and restraint play! Mostly this type of role playing consists of submissive and dominant natures.

Some BDSM/Fetish Toys on the market today are: Bondage, Shock Therapy, Nipple Clamps, Handcuffs (sex restraints), Whips & Paddles, Floggers and Tickler, Sex Machines, Collars and Leashes, Masks and Blinders, Cock cages, Sex Swings, Position Aides.

Sexual Wellness:  What is a sexual wellness sex toy? Sexual wellness sex toys are considered to be a toy that aide to sexual pleasure by boosting or exercising. Regardless if you are doing pelvic floor muscle exercises (Kegels) to increase sexual pleasure and orgasms or boosting the penis muscles and increasing stamina for performance and ejaculations. Some men ask do girls like penis sleeves? Yes, the added length or girth and the texture is definitely something to brag about.

Some Sexual Wellness Toys on the market today are: Penis pumps, Pussy pumps, Nipple pumps, Ben Wa Balls, Kegel Balls, Cock Rings, Penis Sleeves, Penis Extensions. (Sexual aide enhancers)

Note: Always purchase lubricants and wash with each toy purchase. Learn the materials and what mixes well and what doesn’t. You can purchase from your local sex toy store.

How to use sex toys:

Depending on what you focused on. You can use a sex toy to build an orgasm or ejaculation to your liking. Most toys are insertable which means you relax yourself enough to penetrate you in either the vagina, or the anus. However if you are using vibrations, you can stimulate nipples, clitoris, vagina, anus, perineum and or penis. For men using masturbators, you can stimulate yourself with one, two or three love holes depending on the size and functionality of the masturbator. Most will expand to fit general sized members and make it a realistic experience to help build stamina. Check www.xinghaoya.net for more information.

Note: Never ever share used sex toys, never sell used sex toys, or buy a used dildo. Toys can carry STD’s even if they are washed. Always use your own toys, even if you use DIY sex toys!

Reasons to Get Down with a sex toy:

People have mixed feels about are sex toys good or bad? Here I will break down some amazing reasons you should have a sex toy!

1. Stress Relief:

Self-stimulation with sex toys can increase your “love” hormones. When we ejaculate or orgasm we release dopamine and oxytocin which is a hormone that balances us out. It helps us destress and relaxes us like a reset.

2. Confidence:

Understanding how you function during sexual pleasure is a key to fulfilling delightful orgasms in women and explosive ejaculations in men. Using sex toys to accomplish self-stimulation can boost your confidence and your libido.

3. Gaining Knowledge:

Using sex toys can help you educate not only yourself but your partner(s) too. Learning about yourself and your partner will allow you to interact in a non-limited way. This will help with confidence and boost libido as well.

4. Great for bodily functions:

Not only does playing with a sex toy make you feel good. But it also keeps you looking younger and healthier. Sex Toys help with blood flow and is great for heart health. Plus, it keeps your skin looking radiant as it helps your skin’s elasticity.

5. Relationship booster(couples)/No rushing (dating):

Now this is where it gets good. Regardless if you are married, in a long term relationship or just starting to date again. Sex toys can help with all these scenarios. Here’s why: If you are married or in a long term relationship sex toys can help making sexual intercourse with your partner a bit more spicy. Adding toys, games or even lubricants can totally change the way you two play.

However if you are not in a relationship and participate in the dating scene. Using sex toys can help with boost in confidence and not rush the relationship just because you want sex.

Teen Sex Toys:

Is it appropriate for teens using sex toys? With the proper discussion with their parents I honestly believe that it is ok for a teen to use teen sex toys. Within age appropriation, as they can buy for themselves at the age of eighteen sex store.

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