What Happens If You Mess With The Rock Ft. Logan Paul

Source: youtube.com

Our favorite big guy Dwayne The Rock Johnson could surely rival many participants of strongman competition head to head, but, we know him also as an incredibly funny guy. Logan Paul and The Rock teamed up to make this amazing video in which they show us why Dwayne got the nickname The Rock and why you shouldn’t mess with him.

Logan is a funny guy that offers everyday vlogs about his life and all sorts of crazy things that he is doing. This way he managed to gather more than 2.5 million subscribers on YouTube and more than 14 million likes on his Facebook page which is more than just incredible.

Source: youtube.com

On the other hand, we know how active Dwayne is on various social networks as he is present on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and many others. Both of these guys are very popular, and they come up with this funny video that you can enjoy right here.

Post by Logan Paul on his Facebook page was titled “THERE’S A REASON THEY CALL HIM THE ROCK! ” and it carries the message “Don’t mess with The Rock.” If you ever thought about attacking or punching The Rock think again, or better, don’t do it at all 😀

Check out this hilarious video: