What Has Happened To Enzo And Cass?

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There is no doubt that Enzo and Cass are one of the most liked teams in the WWE today. They are over with the fans ever since they made their main roster debut after Wrestlemania 32. Enzo is one of the best on the mic while Big Cass is also very liked with his catchphrases. This team has been extremely popular with the fans down in the NXT, so their main roster success has been something that a lot of people expected.

But, over the last couple of months, it seems that they have lost some steam. It’s not that the WWE universe doesn’t care about them anymore, but they are not as hot as they used to be. It seems that they are stuck in the storylines that they have no business being in. This dynamic duo just can’t make that next big step on Monday Night Raw. Why is that the case?

Source: www.wwe.com

Well, we are going to tell you right away that it is not their fault for their decline. The fact of the matter is that the company should have already given them a run for the title. It has been over a year since they made their main roster debut. Instead of the tag team championship run, they are feuding with Gallows and Anderson for God only knows how long. We see the same matches all over again, and the interest in these two guys is declining slowly.

They are also booked the same way in every single duel. Enzo is the one that takes the beating, then gets a small break which he uses to tag in his partner Cass who then cleans the house. When you add these two together, you just can’t get a successful team that the fans can get behind. That is their biggest problem right now.