What Is a HEPA Filter and How Do They Work?

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Nowadays HEPA Filter is one of the familiar words regarding vacuum cleaning! Unquestionably, HEPA filter is brought blessings for us. You can’t imagine, how much significance it has in our regular life! Especially people who have to suffer from allergy and asthma; definitely need this type of filter. For more details check homeairadvisor.com.

If you are pondering to purchase an air purifier and have read some product reviews, I’m pretty sure you have come across term HEPA. When hunting for best air purifier then it’s essential to know about HEPA filter. Otherwise, your investment may ruin.

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Let’s have a look at what is a HEPA filter and how do they work.

What is a HEPA filter?

HEPA is the acronym form of High-efficiency particulate air or high energy particulate arresting that is an air purifier device.

A HEPA filter can catch a large amount of very tiny particles. It has the capability of capturing 99.7 percent of particle that is greater than or equal to 0.3 µm.

It comes individual or with the vacuum cleaner. HEPA vacuums are intended for reducing dust particle, debris, pollen, dander, and other allergen particles.

It runs by pushing air within a fine mesh that traps toxic particle dust mite, tobacco smoke.

Why you need HEPA filter?

Many of us think that pollution occurs in the environment or outside of the home. However, do you have ever thought that your home also gets polluted? Yes, it is! Your home also gets contaminated with many dust particle.

Nowadays, air pollution is a big problem. Though we can’t control environmental pollution, we can surely prevent air pollution inside our home. Otherwise, it can cause of the respiratory problems and many others.

Inside the home, the place is more congested than outside. Once dander, pollen or ash, and other dust particle enter your home through the air or build up by people who live, it might be harmful to them. Even air can’t circulate as the place is small with many types of furniture.

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In the contaminated phase, the allergic or asthmatic person can’t stay well. They get panicked. So if you or your family person have this problem, then you should go for the HEPA filter vacuum cleaner. It ensures a safe home by killing airborne particle.

However, in earlier, people didn’t think about air purification of the house. But, now the situation has changed. People are more conscious of their cleanliness and health. To make your home neat and clean, vacuum with HEPA filter is outstanding.

Else, to eliminate airborne particle, it decreases the chance of airborne disease and infection. You can take a fresh breathe safely.

It doesn’t only trap the microorganisms also stop them from spreading other bacteria and viruses which can damage our organs.

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How does it work?

Generally, HEPA is kind of a sieve or a strainer of web fibers that able to trap airborne particle (tiny dust). It can work in four ways which depend on the particle size:

  • Diffusion
  • Impaction
  • Interception
  • Sieving

Hence, HEPA filters were offered mainly to catch the tinier particles from the air. HEPA Filters into the vacuum cleaners make use of two diverse types of machinery.

First, the external layer works as a primary filter which acts as a strainer to stop the large dust particles. Secondly, the internal layers that materialize similar to a wrapped material with opaque glass fiber mat finish.

This layer does not work like a sieve; instead, it traps the particles in different techniques. The heavy and large particles that move bit by bit and inchmeal stick to the fiberglass which is a Diffusion process.

Medium size particles grabbed via interception. They move quicker either have a collision straight with fibers or get fascinated by them while passing.

The smaller particles are diminishing while they travel through the filter and eventually colloid with fiber and caught.

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Types of HEPA filter

A standard HEPA filter can trap 99.97% of dust particles as small particles as 0.3 microns. Only a true HEPA Filter can perform the above-specified objective. Thus, this way you can judge whether your filter is a real HEPA Filter or not.

Depending on the efficiency, HEPA Filters are classified including A to E stickers. Type A is considered to be the least efficient and, Type E is the most efficient and appropriate for defense-grade purposes. Vacuum Cleaners generally have Type A filters that are ideal for our home. It can effectively work within the house.

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All the HEPA filters which are in the market are not the same at all. They are different because of the composition and utilization. There are many different kinds of HEPA filters technologies found such as ionizing, activated carbon, ozone, UV technology and so many. Before you purchase, you have to know which one is important for you or which one you prefer.

Wrap up

HEPA filters in the vacuum cleaner or being air purifier are really essential for a healthy and happy life. So whenever you think to buy it, please don’t forget to know everything about it.

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Don’t forget to clean it after using it otherwise it will ruin soon or can’t perform well. Also, replace it when it expired.