What is Dragon Ball GT About?


Deemed the shortest of the Dragon Ball anime series, Dragon Ball GT is a 64-episode series produced by Toei Animation. Moreover, this Dragon Ball sequel doesn’t take after any of the preceding Manga series.

So what’s the plot behind Dragon Ball GT?



Dragon Ball GT continues the journey of Goku. It began with Emperor Pilaf, Goku’s inveterate foe, accidentally transforming Goku into a child using the Black Star Dragon Balls. For this reason, Goku journeyed across the galaxy to obtain the Black Star Dragon Balls.

He didn’t travel by his lonesome; Trunks and Pan accompanied him. While at it, the trio encountered a cycle of challenges, which included meeting the embittered parasitic alien, Baby, whose intention was to annihilate the Saiyan race as revenge for the destruction of the Tuffles time past.

Baby and His Defeat

Baby had the power to intrude into people’s bodies, altering them into Tuffles afterward, withdrawing and possessing their power to evolve into an extraordinarily potent fighter. With such peculiar virtue, he changed all of the earth’s inhabitants, comprising the Saiyans, into Tuffles. Subsequently, possessing Vegeta’s body to slay Goku.


Goku was able to overpower Baby rapidly. Since Old Kai and Kibito Kai recreated Goku’s tail, the character could adapt and attain the strength and skill of Super Saiyan 4. Thus crushing the evil alien was a simple task for him. Using a 10x Kamehameha (10-Fold Turtle Destruction Wave), he annihilated the horrible Tuffle by driving him into the sun.

After that, the earth crashes with Goku and the rest helping the inhabitants into Planet Plant. Piccolo offered himself to eternally eradicate Black Star Dragon Balls, which Baby had used to wish Planet Plant into existence again.

Following the defeat of Baby, Dr. Gero and Dr. Myuu invented an imitation of Android 17 in Hell. The duo doctors created this replica to exercise authority over the actual Android 17, hence creating an entrance into the earth from Hell. This measure exposed the earth to old villains. On the other hand, the real Android 17 tried to be in charge of Android 18, too, but Krillin got in his way. It angered him and caused him to fire an energy beam right into Krillin’s heart.

The Blend of Real and Replica Android 17


The real and replica Android 17 blended, forming Super 17. The latter swore to extinct the entire human race as vengeance for the Red Ribbon Army. Goku encountered Super 17, but his attempt to get rid of him failed. Android 18 strikes him for the murder of Krillin. During the altercation, Goku seized the opportunity to use his Super Dragon Fist style to pierce through Super 17. He released a flame, Kamehameha, that utterly destroyed him.

Goku and his companions retrieved the Dragon Balls to resuscitate Krillin and everyone who’d died in the hands of Super 17. However, a terrible dragon sprung up, transforming into evil dragons who were on a mission to extinct the earth for their abuse of the Dragon Balls.

Goku and Pan destroyed the evil dragons except for Syn Shenron. However, while trying to overcome Syn Shenron, his power increased tremendously when he consumed the Dragon Balls. He changed into Omega Shenron, thus overpowering the capabilities of Goku’s power.


The End

Goku was on the verge of losing his life while trying to destroy Omega Shenron until Vegeta got involved and secure the Super Saiyan 4 transformation, all thanks to the Blutz Wave Generator invented by Bulma.

Vegeta and Goku became one to form Gogeta. This novel creation led to the sound defeat of Omega Shenron.

However, not too long, Gogeta disappeared, therefore bringing back Vegeta and Goku to their usual self. Goku gathered the power of every living creature in the galaxy to create a tremendously potent Bomb, which led to the utter destruction of Omega Shenron for life.

Subsequently, the original Shenron emerges, thanks to the recovered Dragon Balls. This restoration approved Goku’s and his companions’ request to resuscitate those eliminated by the Shadow Dragons and Super 17. He then vanished with Goku and the Dragon Balls.

Many years later, in the 64th Tenkaichi Budōkai versus Vegeta’s descendant, Vegeta Jr., you can see the now-aged Pan applauding Goku’s great-great-grandson, Goku Jr. Sighting the rejuvenated grown-up Goku, Pan endeavored to reach him. However, the former soon vanished into the crowd. Goku afterward left Tenkaichi Budōkai with a flashback on his life chronicles. At the finish of the flashback, Goku snatched his Power Pole and went off through his Flying Nimbus cloud. Thus concluding the Dragon Ball story.

Things You Should Know About Dragon Ball GT

1. There’s More Than One Meaning to “GT”

During the wave of Dragon Ball Z, everyone, especially the western lovers of the series, sought to unravel the meaning of the Z in the Dragon Ball Z title. Later on, it was officially disclosed that it meant “Zenkai,” and translated into English, meant “last time.” It finally made sense, given that Dragon Ball Z was to end the old-airing franchise.

In a similar vein, when Dragon Ball GT surfaced, there were speculations and desperation to unlock the meaning of the GT in the latest sequel. After many wild guesses, it was disclosed to imply “Grand Tour.”

The Grand Tour was inspired by the adventure of Goku, Pan, and Trunks over the galaxy at the beginning of the Dragon Ball GT series. The trio ship equally bared the title; Grand Tour Spaceship.

However, many Dragon Ball fans got a little creative and of a different opinion, and thus coined GT to mean “Goku Time,” mainly because Goku was the only character who had the spotlight. In contrast, other characters in the series, like Krillin and Piccolo, were treated like they didn’t matter.

2. Funimation Didn’t Air The First Arc

Because the short series garnered some displeasure, Funimation cut out the plot of Goku, Pan, and Trunks conveying around the stars to obtain the Black Star Dragon Balls.

They left out this part (16 episodes) so that the American audience wouldn’t feel discouraged from watching the already-criticized plot. So they created an overview of the arc plot as an exciting alternative.

3. The Series Had No Female Super Saiyans


None of the expected main female characters, such as Pan and Gohan’s daughter, evolved into a Super Saiyan. This event was simply because Akira Toriyama, wasn’t skilled at drawing the Super Saiyan as opposed to being a great writer and character designer.

Nonetheless, he did better in the Dragon Ball Super series.

4. The Series Had Two Books in its Honour

Dragon Ball GT Perfect Flies contained juicy details that were unknown to everyone who only watched the series.

They were initially launched in 1997. The first publication centers on the Baby epic. While the last one addresses what was left of the series and the TV program; A Hero’s Legacy.

5. It Gained More Traction beyond Japan

Dragon Ball GT boasted of only 64 short episodes compared to the previous series, which had over 100 staggering episodes, with Dragon Ball Z standing at 291. However, the series still garnered traction beyond the coast of Japan.

6. The Series Contained More Realistic Characters Than Super

Perhaps, the briefness of Dragon Ball GT made it developed more realistic characters, unlike Super. For instance, Vegeta changed from being the villain and antagonist, developed into a lovely character who accepted his wrongdoings, embraced his family, and was more of a true friend to Goku.

GT proceeded with this new Vegeta depicting him as a grumpy but present and supportive father and an appreciative friend to Goku. On the other hand, Dragon Ball Super returned Vegeta to the hostile person he was to Goku and his family, perpetually jeopardizing their effort for selfish reasons.

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