What is Email Marketing

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The modern world and the digital age we live in are full of smart solutions and technologies that once seemed like nothing more than science fiction. Back in the day, before everything was digitalized and readily available for just about anyone to enjoy, people had to scramble and were left to their own device when it comes to knowledge, information, education, and business. Nowadays however, almost everything is available on the internet. Contemporary world would not be able to function properly without the web, which is why you too will need it if you want to market your product or service the right way.

Different Uses of the Web

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Now, the internet can be used for many ways and in terms of marketing there is a lot that can be done to your benefit. However, oftentimes it is the easiest and simplest thing that is the best option. This is of course the case with marketing online, particularly when you focus on the emails. Electronic mail has been around to some three decades now and it is the go-to way of sending someone a message online. Whether formal or informal, private or corporate, it does not matter. Everyone does it and so should you. In terms of marketing it is a great option to offer potential customers your product or service, but also to tell them more about who you are and what you do.

However, there is a problem with emails these days, mostly because many people abuse them and use them in all the wrong ways. Sadly, no promotion option is associated with as many stereotypes as email marketing. In the minds of users, it is about intrusive messages and spam from the companies and people who for some reason have your email address. It is difficult to argue that it has been on the market for a long time, and its quality was initially low. However, the email campaign services exactly as upsail.io develop this direction, and now the tool brings real profit and helps to retain customers. Read along to learn more about this.

What is email marketing?

In simple terms, this is a form of marketing where you are sending electronic letters to customers. An email marketing provider helps you to build trusting relationships and increase your sales by using emails in the best way possible. Marketers like this tool for two reasons: affordability and the versatility of the channel, which is suitable for increasing profits and keeping in touch with consumers.

Advantages and disadvantages of email marketing

Email automation services have a lot of positive sides so let us focus on them first. It is always more fun to start with the pros anyway so here goes:

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  • Excellent return on investment. The income even covers the costs of marketers, layout designers, and designers. The main thing is to segment the audience well and consider the strategy.
  • High payback.
  • Completeness of information in the message. In the letter, you can put whatever you want to convey to the consumer. The more helpful and informative for them though, the better.
  • The possibility of evaluating the effectiveness.
  • No base burnout. No, it is, but the number of subscribers is easily increased and updated.
  • Opportunity to improve the image of the company. Banal trigger emails about order status can increase customer confidence in you.
  • Full automation. No other marketing tool can boast of this.
  • Setting up a personal mailing list.

Now let us mention a few of the cons of email marketing services. There are fewer of them and they are not nearly as impactful as the pros:

  • Complex mailing scenarios are almost impossible to set up on your own – you have to ask specialists who do this for an additional fee.
  • There are many abandoned mailboxes where letters remain without feedback. Some users will never want marketing emails in their inbox and that is a reality you have to accept.
  • The probability of unsubscribing from the mailing list is real and always looming, even if your content truly is helpful and interesting.
  • The need to comply with the law on the protection of personal data.

How to communicate via email?

It depends on the goals of email marketing. Each of them will have its tonality and basic settings. Available options which you can obtain in an email marketing company include the following:

  • Automatic letters. Their purpose is to inform about changes in the company. The mailing list is configured based on the specified events. For example, the user is sent a link to complete it when registering. Other examples: include subscribing to a newsletter, changing a password on a website, and logging in from an unfamiliar device. The features of such mailing depend on the store’s or other business’s personal characteristics. So, dry information about changing the password is typical for information resources, while changing tariffs from mobile operators is described more vividly and creatively.
  • Regular mailings. They help to sell and inform. In them, the manufacturer tells consumers about expanding the range or upgrading the product. It can also be used to learn about new promotions and special offers.

In most cases, the purpose of any mailing list is sales. Moreover, it is characteristic not only of online stores but also of the same bloggers. Not only can customers receive the newsletter, but many people subscribe to it on the site purely out of curiosity.

Creating an email newsletter step by step from an email marketing agency

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  • Preparation of the client base.
  • Work on strategy and content plan.
  • Content processing.
  • Selecting an email agency to send out.

Evaluation of mailing effectiveness

The email marketing consulting service provides all data. However, to understand how well the tool worked, you will have to pay attention to points such as:

  • the number of subscribed users after reading the letter;
  • percentage of open emails – many of them may not be of interest to the user at the heading stage, and then you will have to take measures to process them;
  • percentage of committed target actions;
  • the number of users who unsubscribed from the mailing list;
  • the number of emails that ended up in spam;
  • conversion percentage.

Making sure you do all of these things will ensure success since you will be doing the absolute most when it comes to optimizing the online marketing side of your business. New heights await you so make sure to think about introducing this into your current marketing operation.