What is Experiential Advertising?


There is a wide range of marketing types, and you have probably heard about some including online, email, as well as traditional marketing that is most commonly done by television, newspapers, and radio. But, there is another form that you might not be familiar which is called experiential advertising.

If you want to learn about this marketing type, you might find this article to be quite helpful. The text below is going to feature everything that you should know about experiential advertising including what exactly is it, how you can utilize it, and why is might be necessary. Let’s look at what it is:

Experiential Advertising: Explained


Before we look at anything else, it is essential that you learn what it is exactly. Simply put, it is basically a strategy that mostly focuses its attention on aiding customers with experiencing the brand, product, and/or services better. It is often called “engagement” or “live” advertising as well, and it can be made from a wide range of strategies and methods that all strive towards making the customers familiar with your products by engaging with them in different ways.

If your goals include making your client’s experience memorable and pleasant, if you wish to build a loyal and long-lasting relationship with all of them, as well as gain new consumers while doing so, you can do so by choosing to execute and utilize experiential advertising in your organization – which will most likely prove to be quite beneficial for you.

What Features Does it Have?

To be completely honest, there are no features of this advertising type, mostly because the objective is to make a special and unique experience for each consumer. Of course, the tools most commonly used are smartphones and content that will provide your clients with a way to rate the things you offer to them, and they’ll also be able to easily share the things you post online on their profiles.

Yet another thing that is an essential feature is live events. This implies that you’ll need to attend various fairs, seminars, and festivals. For instance, you can choose to hold a booth at a fair. Once you set everything up, people can approach you and gain insights about your company and the things you are offering. You can also share some samples or free products.

This is quite important for the individuals since they will want to touch, try, use, or take the product before purchasing it. Additionally, if they like it, you can offer them a brochure or business card that features URL to your pages/accounts, and naturally, your website. This will allow them to connect with you later on.

What Practices Should I Try?

There are various practices that you can choose to implement, but, there are several important ones that you need to focus on first. For starters, make sure that you have set clear objectives and possible outcomes. You’ll also need to figure out how you can actually measure the objectives. Besides this, you and your team will be required to determine who your targeted people are.


You’ll want to always keep in mind why this advertising strategy works, especially since it can always push you to be better at what you do. In order to interest people, you’ll need to make creative, exciting, entertaining, and impactful events and calls to actions, as well as to find a way to use your social media pages and accounts to their full extent. More importantly, you should always offer individuals something that they will value and appreciate. If you want to see what professional services you can opt for, check out agen-c.com for additional info.

Are There Some Benefits That I Can Gain?

There is actually a wide range of benefits that you can gain. To begin with, the most important benefit is that you’ll be able to make your clients happy and they’ll also feel valued and appreciated. This will also increase your brand awareness and you can also encourage your clients to share your brand all over social media pages such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Besides this, the most rewarding thing that you can gain from choosing to implement these plans is that it will drive word-of-mouth. A wide range of conducted studied imply that most people become more influenced by word-of-mouth advice that they would be if they read ads or the papers, as well as listening to the radio and TV.

Is it Right For Me?

Now when you know what it is, the practices and features it has, as well as some benefits that you can gain, you are probably wondering whether or not it is right for you. Now, you should know that you do not have to use it all the time, but, it will mostly depend on your objectives, schedules, and resources that you have available.

On the other hand, you should strongly consider it before, during, and after specific events since you’ll be able to humanize your company and brand by utilizing experiential marketing strategies. This is especially true if you need and want to make long-lasting, positive impressions of your team, brand, and company.


You should also know that it is not enough to simply give a few items during a giveaway, this interaction type does not fall under the marketing category we are talking about. You must create true engagements, ones that’ll mean something to your consumers, as well as make them feel appreciated.

Now, you will be using social media pages, which means that you’ll also need a budget for running ads and hiring someone to be in charge of the online platforms you use. Remember that you don’t need to use all platforms at once, instead, choose the ones you have the most followers on, and focus on it.


As you can see, experiential advertising can also be used for showing off your goods and services, but, if your purpose is to connect with your consumers on a deep level, this option is perfect for your company. So, now that you know what it is, as well as what benefits it can bring you, do not waste any more time. Instead, start thinking about what practices might fit your business and start implementing some of the things mentioned above right away.