What Is Next For The New Day?

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The trio of Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods and Big E have done a lot in the past two years. They started off as a babyface faction that was getting booed by the fans and managed to become one of the most entertaining things that WWE had to offer. For months, they were the hottest thing in the company.

Now, when their run with the tag team titles is over, they are focusing on capitalizing on the chances that were presented to them. Ice creams, cerrial and T-Shirts are what they are doing right now, focusing on making money for themselves and the company, while not doing so much wrestling and storylines as of late.

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The stardom that they once had is not there anymore, but the kids and the casual fans still love to see them and listen to their jokes. Eventually, all of that is going to pass, and they are going to have to change what they are doing. The breakup of the New Day probably should have happened already, but they are now still selling merch, so the organization is likely going to have them stay together for a bit longer than it was probably expected.

Even though the next thing that should happen with this faction is a breakup and singles run for Big E or a Xavier Woods, the WWE is not going to do that. We see them going to Smackdown as a part of this Superstar shakeup if WWE wants them to get back to feuding with somebody new. If they want to keep selling those ice cream bars, T-Shirts and cerrial to kids and the fans, Vince will have them remain on Raw as that is the main show in the WWE.