What Is Tested During A PAT Inspection?


There is a wide range of appliances that are making our lives easier. It is common that people keep a lot of different devices in their kitchen, like a blender, coffee machine, and more. However, you have to be aware that adding a lot of appliances to your home is not that simple. The common mistake is when people are looking for cheap products that we can find on many online stores these days.

There is a chance to face all kinds of issues like poor quality, low lifespan, while the biggest problem is that some of them might cause short circuit and other serious problems that can lead to injuries. That is the main reason why PAT testing is so important. We are going to introduce you to this process in the following article.

Why Is It Important?


The key reason is related to safety. Also, it is a standard procedure in companies that are using it to make sure that all equipment they are using is safe. Also, manufacturers must use it to determine the proper instructions and introduce people with risks that could occur in case that devices are not used in the right way.

Another very important element is the liability. When the producer introduce you with clear instructions related to the proper use and potential risks, and you don’t follow them, it is no longer his liability if you face some issues while using the device.

Devices That Are Tested

This process is related to small appliances that don’t require fixed installations, and that can be simply connected to electricity. Therefore, all products that have cable, such as TV, printer, PC, vending machine, electric drill, and more. When it comes to cordless devices, they don’t have to be tested, but chargers for their batteries do.

Main Features of This Process


It might seem like a simple procedure. However, there are some details that many people don’t pay attention to. That is the main reason why PAT testing should be done by an expert. The key is to check the basic functions of the device along with the cable, different parts, environment, and more. The biggest risk that could happen with appliances is when there are exposed conductors, which can lead to injuries, malfunctions caused by overheating, and short circuit that is a result of irregular connection to electricity.

The only way to make sure that everything is working properly is by checking the functions by testing the device, but also by checking how it will react in different situations. For example, you decided to connect a lot of devices to one plug, and that can lead to problems where some of them might not be able to get enough power, which can cause a malfunction.

There are some parts of the process that require skills and experience. The first step is to check the basic functions. In this part, the device will be activated and tested in different settings. Another part is related to installations and whether the cable is covered and there are no risks that it could be damaged. There are some advanced methods used in this process as well where the expert will check the connection with electricity and how the device will react in the environment when other appliances are connected to the same source, when maximum power is used, and more.

How Often It Should Be Done?

Some factors can affect the required frequency of testing, such as the frequency of use, if you notice some problems, and the type of device. Therefore, a coffee machine in your office should be tested more times per year when compared to the one you keep at home because more people are using the first one. That means that there is an increased chance to face various issues with it. Besides that, there might be some parts that needs to be replaced from time to time.

The common problem is that many people will ignore some signs of issues and will become determined to keep using the device that is not working in the right way. For example, the wending machine is creating a strange sound, or it became very slow. When you keep using such device for a longer time, you are risking much bigger malfunctions, and some of them can even lead to serious risks like a fire.

The best solution for companies is to hire a service that will scan the machines in regular intervals. When it comes to devices at your home, they should be checked at least once a year even if there are no signs of issues. This approach will help you avoid all kinds of problems, and it is also cheaper in long terms because you will always be able to repair some device instead of buying a new one.

Is It a Legal Requirement?

Even though you are not legally obligated to provide this sort of license for each appliance in your home or company, there is another law where businesses must keep their equipment in good condition and avoid any risks. Also, the company has a liability to keep all workers safe. The PAT is the best way to make sure that portable devices are in good condition, which is the main reason why it is now a standard process.

Besides companies, it is also used by landlords as a way of guaranteeing that all devices are working properly. Moreover, you can use it to improve the insurance policy for your mortgage, or sell your house for a higher price if you decide to leave all of the appliances that have a valid PAT certificate.

Last Words


As you can see, PAT testing is a simple process where an expert will check some important details related to different portable devices and make sure that they are safe. It is especially important for companies because you can avoid the liability in case that there are issues with the device. Not following the instructions provided by the manufacturer can prevent you from using the warranty as well.