What is the best way to control a child from a phone?

Phones have many functions they serve in our Kid’s life; it depends on what these kids use them for. A child may see a phone as a tool to improve academic knowledge, or a tool to socialize. It can also be used to access contents that may influence these children negatively, such as pornography, cult, religious group, etc. Children of today cannot be completely restricted from phones, but as a parent, how do you monitor them so as to make sure they are not going wayward?

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Approaching and accusing children on matters without enough evidence might cause more damage than imagined. The best way is to discreetly monitor their mobile devices because kids nowadays use smartphones for almost every communication, all proof of their daily activities can be found on their mobile phone.

What is a spyware program?

A spyware program is a program that secretly resides and collects information from a device without the knowledge of the device owner. Employing the service of a spyware program may sound illegal but as long as you are the legal custodian of the kids and they are below eighteen years old, then you have the legal backing; as a parent and a responsible one, you have to know where your kids are, where they have been to, who they are been talking to, the website they have been visiting, and so on.


Hoverwatch is a spyware program developed for mobile, PC and Mac. It monitors several activities on devices and sends information to a central online server that can be accessed with a registered username and password at convenience.

Hoverwatch aim is to make parental control tasks as easy and efficient as possible. Hoverwatch was launched by Refog in 2002 and has had its products installed on over 12 million computers across 169 countries around the world.

What are the capabilities of Hoverwatch?

Hoverwatch is an efficient spy tool that can discreetly carry out the following spying tasks:

  • Spy on messages: every text and social media app messages will be cloned, and the cloned copy will be saved to be viewed later. Hoverwatch supports all the most popular social media such as Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Snapchat, etc.
  • Track emails: provides the information of the every transacted email of the targeted device; sender, destination, a copy of the email content and attachment (if available). Etc.
  • Intercept calls: intercept incoming and outgoing live calls or listen to a copy of the conversation later.
  • Track location: track the exact location of the targeted device on live Google map, the map accuracy is high even if the target is on the move.
  • Crack Password: have access to every password typed on the targeted device, the app or website the password is used for, etc.

  • Access multimedia: see all multimedia content available on the targeted device.
  • Spy apps and online activities: get the info of every website visited and the time used on such websites. Also, every app opened and the session the app is left open.
  • Remotely use the camera to spy: turn the targeted device’s camera into a live spy camera or set a preset time/activity for the camera to start spying.

How do I install Hoverwatch?

  1. Visit the Hoverwatch tracker site on your web browser, sign up with a valid email you have access to and a password.
  2. Login with your credentials on the targeted Android device, download the free spy app and install.
  3. Start monitoring the information and spy on texts from your online account.

HoverwatchKeylogger is also available on Windows and Mac platform for PC users, it registers all the key pressed and typed messages on the keyboard of the PC. With Hoverwatch you are fully aware of your children activities.