What to consider when building a kitchen bar

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A nice, well-equipped kitchen bar can be a veryalluring place in any home. A home bar can be an amazing place to start or end a weekend night and it adds a bit of something interesting and unexpected to your home. Making a nice and enjoyable bar can be quite a rewarding project and should be done with love since its only task would be to host you and your guests while you drink and have fun. However, introducing a wow factor like that to your home takes some planning and research if you wish to do it properly.


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Obviously, the first thing you want to do is decide where the bar would be and how much space it can occupy. A proper bar doesn’t have to take up too much of your space in the kitchen. It can be built in a way that would make it look like an extension of your kitchen countertop or you can separate it a little and make it noticeable. It depends on your preferences and how much free space in your kitchen you have.

The anatomy

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Typical bar height is around 42 in. Knowing this will make choosing the bar stools much easier. The majority of bar stools are around 30 in. Of course, you can always adapt your bar size and height as you wish. There are numerous, attractive, budget-friendly bar stools for your kitchen bar to choose from. Bar stools are usually made of wood, leather or some sort of metal. While wooden stools fit well in every environment, leather stools are a more elegant and comfortable option.

Bars typically have a bar top and a lower home bar counter. A bar top is where you serve the drinks to your friends, while a lower home bar counter is the place for you to prepare the drinks, slice fruit or place a sink.

Keep it simple

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The reason I’m listing this rule (you can consider it as more of an advice though), is because it seems a bit counterintuitive to many. The reason you’re building a kitchen bar is that you want something new and intriguing in your home, but remember, this is still your home, not a bar. If you let your kitchen bar take up the majority of your space, you’ll eventually start seeing it more like a nuisance than a place made for fun. It can still be appealing and thought-provoking without being the only thing anyone sees when they walk in.

The equipment

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The equipment needed to mix and serve the drinks doesn’t have to take up too much space either. Muddlers, jiggers, cocktail shakers, shot glasses, tall glasses, beer mugs, and wineglasses are some of the basic things you need to have in your home bar. Think about what you want to serve and what do your friends like, and based on that buy your equipment. Citrus squeezers and corkscrews are also very important parts of every bar and can save you a lot of time when preparing drinks.