What to know when building a gaming desktop

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Are you a video game lover, a passionate gamer or even someone who competitively or professionally plays a video game? If you happen to identify yourself as someone from the list above, then this article is definitely for you.

Computers have been around for a while, and they definitely changed the way everything around us works. However, with their advancement, an entirely new industry formed as well. The gaming industry.

Video games are more popular than ever and long gone are the times when playing one was considered wasting your time. Today, eSports and live streaming video games, are one of the best ways to earn pretty good amounts of money.

In some countries, such as China and Korea, eSports are like a religion. And it’s not just there, Europe and America are also keeping up, both having teams that are world leading champions in a certain type of a video game.

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However, for everything of the previously mentioned to become reality, we need a solid gaming desktop PC. Building one can be quite tricky, so we prepared some tips for you if you’re planning to get yourself a sweet rig soon.

All you need to know about building a gaming rig

The first thing you should know before building a gaming pc is the type of games that you’re going to play. If you’re someone that constantly plays the newest releases, you probably need to build one that’s on the higher end. If you are an old-school gamer, you won’t be needing such a powerful rig. And this takes us to our next part, the budget.

Your budget is what’s going to decide what kind of a gaming PC you can build. We all want one of those sweet high-end RGB GPU’s, but they probably cost as much as your entire budget. If you’re interested in buying an entire desktop PC that’s already built, good advice is to check this list of gaming desktop reviews. If you decide to build one yourself, however, we have a few tips for that as well. You can also refer to this $1000 PC build, suggested by PCGuide.

Building a PC is not really that complicated, but there are some things that you need to have in mind before starting. First and most important is to make sure all of the parts that you wish to put in are compatible with each other. Some processors are not compatible with certain motherboards, and the RAM sticks that you want to purchase might also not be the same DDR that the motherboard supports. Then, you need to pay attention to the power supply. If you buy a power supply that provides a lower amount of electricity than what’s needed to power some powerful gaming components, your pc won’t even turn on at all.

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It is also important to balance the parts. For example, you don’t want to buy the most powerful GPU that your store has, while buying a cheap low budget processor. If you happen to make such a mistake, you will see that your processor is “bottlenecking” your graphics card and it’s not running on its full potential.

There needs to be balanced in the system that you’re building in order to ensure maximum performance and stability. If you’re not someone that’s really tech or computer savvy, you might want to ask some of the people who work at your computer store to help you build your rig, or simply watch some online videos that explain this in-depth.