What To Look For In A Motorcycle Paint Shop

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Choosing the right motorcycle paint shop can make a huge difference when it comes to achieving one of a kind aesthetic appeal that you are looking for with your bike. Contrary to what many bike enthusiasts believe, you do not have to spend a fortune to get a good paint job done.

All you have to do is be aware of a few considerations that set aside competent painters from their average counterparts. Only then can you get value for your money as well as a bike that never fails to make a good first impression. To find such a motorcycle paint shop, consider the following.

What Skills does the Paint Shop have?

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Many bikers assume that shops which offer reliable auto painting services also offer good motorcycle paint services. This is certainly not the case. According to Barnett Cycles, a motorcycle paint shop, motorcycle parts demand more hand preparation and precision than car parts.

There is also the fact that the varied substances which make up motorcycle parts feature different priming and stripping techniques. This fact alone always has a direct impact on vital paint factors such as durability. Stripping and priming techniques can also affect the look and feel of specific plastic and metallic parts.

Do they have Special Equipment?

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Motorcycle painters usually use specialized jigs to hold different parts in place during the painting process. Even small parts that seem insignificant demand for special equipment to ensure proper paint cover.

There is the fact too that specific painting equipment combined with the right skills always result in mind-blowing works of art as far as motorcycle painting is concerned. With that in mind, seek to find out if your desired motorcycle paint shop has invested in modern motorcycle painting equipment.

Do they have a good Portfolio?

Noting showcases an expert’s capabilities as much as his or her portfolio does. One look at what your painter does is enough to convince you whether you’re about to hire a paint specialist or an amateur. So by all means, request for a shop’s portfolio before you make up your mind.

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Ask questions too like which type of paint they use, how long should you wait for your bike and of course, the quality of the paint they use. Be sure to also ask for other vital considerations like the warranty that comes with the paint job. One more thing that might be very important for a large number of bikers is if the paint shop can perfectly design paint layout of your bike to complement that bada*s biker jewelry that you have.

Remember that some painters only do pictures. Others specialize in graphics while others are masters of trick paint.  For example, it is common to find motorcycle painters who use long flowing flames as their signature style. Others may prefer short, heavy flames. Know exactly what you want so you can easily make an informed decision.

How good is the Reputation of the Motorcycle Paint Shop?

Reputation is everything in business. It gets better in the motorcycle industry because reputation can easily spread amongst online motorcycle forums quickly. This means you can easily tell good services from bad ones. You can also start a thread requesting for referrals.

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Remember referrals are reliable for one simple reason. Bikers within your social circle are most likely to refer you only to the best service providers. Most of them actually base their referrals out of their firsthand experiences with the painters they refer you to.