What to wear to church

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Nowadays, there aren’t many restrictions when it comes to clothes one wears to a Sunday morning services. Earlier, it was obligatory for men to wear suits and for women to wear dresses and hats when going to the Sunday miss. Due to cultural changes that have happened in the last few decades, more and more people opt for a bit of casual attire when going to the church.

However, there are still many people that want to honor the tradition of elders and decide to wear formal clothes when visiting the church. For them, dressing casually is a sign of disrespect and almost rude attitude toward God.

Although this tradition has been in practice for centuries now, people now tend to buy clothes that reflect their culture and modesty but at the same time that mirrors current fashion trends. Due to this, nowadays there are many designer church clothes available and you can get them almost anywhere.

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So let’s further discuss clothes for both men and women.

When it comes to men’s attire it is fairly simple and it does not differ from traditional suits men wear on many different occasions. It can consist of a pair of trousers, a shirt, tie, waistcoat and often a long coat. These suits are fairly plain and modest. If you are interested in getting one of these, check out Men’s Suit World website. On the other hand, some people do not feel comfortable wearing a suit, so depending on your tradition you can opt for simpler attire. You can choose a button-down shirt and pants. It is important that your clothes are clean, stain-free and pressed. At all cost, you must avoid t-shirts and shorts. Yes, you shouldn’t wear them even in July. When it comes to shoes, it is preferable to wear black or brown oxfords or slip-on dress shoes.

Similarly, there are a certain number of rules women also have to follow when choosing their Sunday’s best. When picking out your outfit, think about something that is conservative and modest. You will encounter many people of different ages so you have to dress appropriately. A lot of women prefer wearing dresses, which okay, but still not every dress can be worn to church. The first rule is not to wear a dress or a skirt that rises above your knee. Also, you should avoid transparent shirts, because they are just rude. If you do not like wearing dresses, you can opt for a simple pair of pants. Pair black pants with a dark top to look conservative but stylish. When it comes to shoes, you can choose between heels (but not high stilettos) and flats, whatever makes you comfortable. Another few things that you should avoid are jeans and leggings and also sneakers or sandals and slippers. One of the most important accessories for women is the hat. There is a variety of colors, shapes, and styles of the hats available, so it is fairly easy to find the one that is perfect for you.

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To conclude, here we have listed some main points when it comes to church attire. The most important thing is to show your respect toward the church, but nowadays, you can do that and at the same time, follow the latest fashion trends.