What Was So Great About CM Punk?

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One of the most popular wrestlers in the recent WWE history is without a doubt CM Punk. The odds were stacked against him when he began his career in the WWE as he didn’t have the look that Vince McMahon wanted his superstar to have. The company had guys like him on the roster at the time he arrived, but nobody was really pushed that hard. Until CM Punk broke out.

He did have some good moments with the big gold World Championship belt, but his rise began when he started feuding with John Cena. The thing that made CM Punk so great is his work on the mic. The promos were great, but the guts that he had to straight up go off the script and shoot on some of the management and wrestlers in the company made the fans fall in love with this character.

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His pipe bomb on Raw when he just flat out started saying whatever truly was on his mind to a point where the company cut him off was something that earned him a lot of respect from the WWE Universe. After that had happened, everybody was tuning back in to see what Punk is going to do next. That was more than enough for the WWE to put the belt on him. They probably didn’t want to do it, but if they hadn’t, it would be like throwing the money away, and that is a no-no for the company.

His momentum was cut short, and it didn’t matter. He quickly regained it and became the longest reigning WWE Champion of the modern day era. The promos, the in-ring work, that straight edge personality, standing up for himself and being stronger than the backstage politics were something that enabled him to be one of the all-time greats. We can easily say that he was the one to pave the way for wrestlers that didn’t have the bodybuilding look in the WWE. That is what’s been so great about CM Punk.