What Was The WWE Thinking With Roman Beating Balor Clean?

Source: triplethreatpodcast.blogspot.rs

Finn Balor has been pushed nicely ever since he came from the NXT to Monday Night Raw. After all, he was the first Universal Champion. The debate can be held about if he would have won the belt if Roman didn’t violate the wellness policy, but that is a subject for another day. Balor went over Roman clean which is the last time that Reigns got pinned clean and it probably won’t happen again for a while.

Balor was forced to miss a lot of time because of his shoulder injury, but the company made you feel that he is going to be a big-time asset for the red brand going forward. He hasn’t lost a match until last night when he fell to Roman in a rematch. But why did this happen? Couldn’t Reigns fight anybody else or couldn’t the writers come up with some other finish?

Source: triplethreatpodcast.blogspot.rs

Well, the answer is yes, but this is the decision that Vince made. Since they are mixed in the fatal five-way match, this duel made sense for Monday Night Raw. There could have been a different ending, but the boss doesn’t want Roman to look inferior against a smaller guy like Balor. When Finn beat him the first time, it was done as a punishment to Roman for violating the policy and being really careless.

Now when Fin is back, this was a good chance for Reigns to get his revenge and look strong yet again. So for you that are looking for an explanation to why The Roman Empire took down the Demon clean, it is nothing other than Vince wanting Reigns to look dominant. The same reason for every single move that he makes when it comes to the red brand.