What Would Varun Dhawan Do If He Met Dwayne Johnson?

Source: bollywoodlife.com

Recently, one fan asked Varun Dhawan what he would do if he got a chance to spend some time with Dwayne Johnson and his reply is perfect. Like many of us, Varun Dhawan is The Rock’s fan, and he showed appreciation of the former WWE star and the current actor several times on Twitter.

Dwayne Johnson also responded to Varun’s tweets on a couple of occasions, and these replies definitely made the fanboy happy. As Priyanka Chopra said, Varun Dhawan, who had arrived in the US as a part of Karan Johar’s Dream Team tour, asked her if he could meet Dwayne Johnson since he was shooting Baywatch together with Chopra.

Source: hindustantimes.com

It was impossible for Priyanka to get these two together for several reasons, but she promised Varun that if The Rock arrives in India to promote Baywatch, she will arrange the meeting. Anyway, back to the question what Varun would do with the famous Hollywood actor. His reply is something every WWE fan would agree with, and he would ask him: “Do you smell what The Rock is cooking?” If you are not familiar with this catchphrase, it was the one Johnson used during his WWE days.

You can watch Varun Dhawan in a film called Badrinath Ki Dulhania, which has been one of the biggest hits so far in 2017. It is important to mention that all of his movies have been successful at the box office, which is a massive achievement. Hopefully, he will get to know his idol Dwayne Johnson and perhaps these two can exchange their experiences with the movie industry.

What would you ask Dwayne Johnson if you bumped into him?