What WWE Has In Plans For The Rock at Wrestlemania?

Are we going to see The Rock at Wrestlemania? There isn’t a wrestling fan that didn’t ask this question. We got an answer but from an unexpected source. According to betting website Oddsshark, there is 99% chance that The Great One will appear in New Orleans on April 8th.

According to a spokesperson of this company Johnson is a sure bet: “The bookies believe he is almost certain to appear once again at The Showcase of the Immortals and 1/100 implies a 99 percent chance that we will see The People’s Champion inside the Squared Circle.”

They went even further putting a 25/1 odds on him participating in a fight. But his involvement would be only in the form of an impromptu match.

Dwayne Johnson has multiple movies scheduled for this year, so his obligations tied to those projects doesn’t allow him to wrestle. The risk of an injury is too big for him to have a serious fight at WM. The plans of him facing Triple H and Stephanie McMahon together with Ronda Rousey in a tag-team duel were cast away because of that.

The last time when People’s Champ stepped into the ring for a real match was at Wrestlemania 29 vs. John Cena. After that fight, he had few notable injuries. He suffered a hernia, a torn adductor, and torn abdominal muscle. Not something that movie star whose schedule is full wants to happen again. He’s more likely to participate in a duel similar to the one with Erick Rowan at Wrestlemania 32.

Of course, WWE would love to have The Rock in a real event during Wrestlemania. His last actual appearance includes headlining WM against John Cena at Wrestlemania 28 that generated more pay-per-view buys than any other show in company’s history. That’s The Rock power for you.

But, the reality is that he will make a surprise entrance for one short segment similar to the one from 2014 when he was on stage with Hulk Hogan and Steve Austin.

All in all, you shouldn’t expect too much fighting from Brahman Bull. The options he has for WM 34 is a short fight, like the one vs. Rowan, not lasting more than 10 seconds; or a guitar contest vs. Elias. Whatever it is, it will be good seeing The Rock on the biggest stage of them all.