What WWE Should Do With Jinder Mahal Going Forward?

Source: www.sportskeeda.com

Back in May the WWE took a shot on Jinder Mahal as the WWE champion. Usually, the fans have no problem with them trying to make somebody new a big star on the brand and giving them a chance to shine. But, Jinder Mahal is not a guy that the fans accepted as a possible main event heel. There is always that heel heat that the company wants their stars to get.

On the other hand, there is the go-away heat which means that the fans just don’t want to see him on their TVs. That’s the kind of heat that The Modern Day Maharaja got. You can’t just make him legit overnight after jobbing out to everybody just a month before winning the WWE Championship.

You can’t be a legit champion after you got beaten by Rob Gronkowski, the football player, at Wrestlemania less than two months ago.

Now that he is not the champion anymore, WWE needs to ease him out of the main event picture. He will be challenging AJ Styles for the WWE title as he is due to a rematch.

Styles should remain the champion and Jinder can be moved to some feuds outside of the main event, like the feud for the US Championship or something like that.

He would be a perfect holder of the US Title as he is that heel foreigner that can bash the United States of America while also holding the Championship that represents the red, white and blue.

Whatever they do with him, there’s no point having him back in the main event scene. Right now, he is a mid-carder realistically, and that is where he should stay going forward and in 2018.