What You Need To Know When Writing Essays


When every teacher gives you homework, the students can become overwhelmed with assignments. If we take into consideration how well-written essays should be, it adds even more to it.

But essay writing is boring for most students, and that adds even more difficulty to it.

But fear not as you can always do some research on how to write a good essay. And we are going to tell you a few things to lessen the burden of writing essays.


Understand the Topic

The first thing that you need to do is understand what the topic asks you to write about. It is the first step that you need to take that will allow you to identify the type of essay. If there are keywords involved, then you need to do your essay around those keywords.

Create an Outline

Before you start writing, it’s important to create a general outline of what you’re going to be writing. Start by grabbing a piece of paper, and adding the topic in the middle of it. From it, you can draw lines branching out from the main topic into subtopics, and each one should have the main idea at the end of it. From the main ideas, draw even more lines and add your thoughts, notes, and keywords for those ideas. Another great way of creating an outline is to write the topic at the top of the paper and separate your essay into introduction, body, and conclusion. Add relevant thoughts and keywords in between the introduction, body, and conclusion part, and any subheading you might want to use.


Start Writing

So, you’ve carefully written down the topics and what needs to be done, and now it’s time to start. According to Ivory Research, it’s important to have a clear mind when writing essays as it can be hard to combine words and sentences if not fully focused. Essays can often time be hard to write, so sit down and start brainstorming ideas to get a free flow of thoughts. Once you’ve successfully written the first two-three paragraphs, a natural flow of words will start coming to you and you can start writing your essay at ease.

Write the Introduction

So, you’ve fully done the outline, and your flow of words is good to go, now it’s time to create the introduction part of your essay. The introduction should capture your reader’s attention. It should be short with a hook to it. A great way of writing an introduction is to use a story as a way to grab your reader’s attention.

Write the Body

In the body part, you are supposed to explain the topic, argue the topic, or describe your topic at greater length. It is the longest part of your essay and each paragraph of the body carries the main idea. Each paragraph should have supportive arguments that will further help you with the argument and further explain the main idea. Everything you write needs to be backed up with relevant information and accurate information.

Write the Conclusion

The conclusion is just as important as the introduction and the body part of your essay. The conclusion offers you the unique chance of summing up everything you’ve written and it sums up your ideas. The conclusion part should also short, up to five sentences, and it closes the topic. Make sure to NEVER introduce any new arguments and ideas in it as it is supposed to summarize everything you’ve said in the body part.