When Should The Patriots Move On From Tom Brady?

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After winning his fifth Super Bowl in an amazing fashion against the Atlanta Falcons, many people see Tom Brady as the greatest quarterback of all time. But, the fact of the matter is that he has just turned 40 years of age and still has a lot to prove. There are some that think, including Brady, that he can play for at least four or five years. On the other hand, there are people that believe Brady has one good year left at best.

If the Patriots didn’t have somebody probably ready to replace Brady, this question wouldn’t even exist. Jimmy Garoppolo has shown that he can run the Patriots offense pretty well and that he could be a very good player for this squad when he takes the reigns. This is his contract year, and New England needs to think about what they want to do with him. How do you let go of the greatest of all time even though he is aging?

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Well, the best solution is to tag Jimmy Garoppolo next year and make him wait to sign a long-term deal with any club. That means that Bill will have Brady starting for two more years. If he is as good as he is now, you can’t replace him. You have to respect what the guy has done and you have to respect the legend that he has become. You wait and let him play out his contract.

If he starts to decline, you can replace him in 2019 with Jimmy Garoppolo. When he is on the field, it seems that the quality of the quarterback play is the same. The experience of Brady and the motivation is something that Brady will bring over any QB. But, if Brady is replaced by Garoppolo eventually, the Patriots will still be in good hands.