When Will Chris Jericho Return To The WWE?

Source: bleacherreport.com

Everybody knows that Chris Jericho is not a full-time worker in the WWE anymore. This guy has his band, and he is often working on his music as well as touring with the band in order to promote new songs and new albums. His latest run in the WWE was pretty long as it lasted for a year and a half. Jericho is reinventing himself time and time again. This run was one of his best, and the fans are for sure going to miss him. But, how long will he actually be out?

Well, his tour starts this Friday, and he is not going to show up on next Tuesday’s Smackdown Live. That is why Kevin Owens destroyed him after their championship match this week. As a result, this guy has been written off the show for the foreseeable future. As of right know, we know that he is going to miss the month of May.

Source: inquisitr.com

The last confirmed date for his band is June 24th. After that, there are no confirmed concerts so that might be when the tour is over. If that is the case, the fans can maybe expect Jericho back at the beginning of July. But, Y2J has been busy in the past two years straight so the veteran might decide to take some time off and show up after the Summerslam season ends. If he doesn’t show up right away in July, he is going to miss the build for the biggest show of the summer.

So, right now there is no confirmed date for the return of Jericho. Even if Vince knows when can he expect him back, there is no way that he would announce that as the company wants him to get that pop from the crowd that every superstar gets when there is a big return.