Where To Situate Your Beauty Shop In Lagos

For those who live in Lagos-Nigeria, you probably know there’s almost nothing you can’t sell in the city. Lagos is that city with a thousand and one tags – from the “city of hustlers” to the “economic capital of Nigeria and West Africa”, you can literally sell anything and everything. This should put your mind at rest if you are thinking of starting a business. However, if you intend to fly high as a business owner in Lagos, you need to be both smart and strategic in choosing an ideal location. So, you probably own (thinking of relocating?) or plan to own a beauty shop, and you are thinking of where to situate your beauty shop in Lagos.

This doesn’t mean you can’t have your shop in other parts of Lagos, but considering the following locations might really mean difference for your business:


The next thing you probably may think when you think of Lagos is Ikeja. It is the capital of Lagos and the first point of contact for a first timer in the country. Ikeja is not only the capital of Lagos but is also considered one of the busiest places in this country. The centre of attraction is the famous “Computer Village” that is home to everything electronics and other related things. The circulation of people – both men and women- in this part of Lagos is very high, making it an ideal location to situate your beauty shop. Places like Toyin, Awolowo road, Opebi, Otigba, Allen Avenue and environs have a large influx on a daily basis.


Surulere is one of the popular places in Lagos with lots of attractions and places to visit. This part of Lagos is also not unknown in Nigeria’s music scene with lots of artists making references to the area. Surulere comprises of places like Masha, Ijesha, Lawanson, Ojuelegba and its environs. Ojuelegba is one of the busiest spots in this area, with lots of transaction happening at a time. The place – Ojuelegba – is one many reasons Lagos is dubbed “a city that never sleeps,” because of the nightlife from Karim, Ibidun down to Yaba. The other side of Surulere; Adeniran Ogunsanya and co have a more relaxed environment compared the ones mentioned earlier. It all depends on what you are looking, you will surely find a place in Surulere.


You definitely should have a targeted market before setting out for business. The goal of being in business is to make a profit, and that only comes when people patronize you. If your targeted market are students, you definitely want your business in Yaba. Yaba is home to a lot of schools, including the University of Lagos and Yaba College of Technology. This part of Lagos is also very busy on a daily basis, especially the Tejuosho axis. Another advantage is, having a shop in Yaba means you are closer to the market. You can easily get the products you need for your business close by; from hair extensions to cosmetics.

Victoria Island

Source: travel.jumia.com

Lagos is divided into two, the mainland and the island. In Lagos, the Island is often tagged as the abode of the high earners. However, Victoria Island is known more for its commercial activities. It is not unusual to hear people say they are going to Eko or Idumota, which happen to be one of the popular markets on the Island. You practically can get anything in this part of Lagos, especially at wholesale prices. A large number of people coming into this area and the amount of beauty products available for purchase makes it an ideal place to situate your beauty shop.


When you decide a business, you must have a defined market for the business already. You probably have a style too. Your prospective customers must as well have this defined attributes. If you are looking for style and class, then Lekki is the go-to place for your business. There is a reason why it is dubbed “the high earners’ abode.” If your beauty shop is not for the average Lagosian, you probably want your shop in Lekki. Buy properties in Lekki here.


Oshodi is probably another place you should consider when thinking of a place to situate your beauty shop. It is one of the busiest places in Lagos and used to be the busiest until recently. It is also likely to be the first point of contact for anyone coming from states outside Lagos. Oshodi comprises of places like Mafoluku, Isola, Shogunle and its environs. Oshodi like Idumota is also known more for its commercial activities. You can also get beauty products at wholesale prices.


Mushin is definitely not the largest area in Lagos but definitely one of the most popular areas in the city. It is one of those places that rank Lagos as the economic capital of the country and West Africa with markets like Ojuwoye, Idi-Oro, Olosha, Ilasamaja, Palm Avenue and its environs. As much as this place is known for its rough street life, it is a good location for your beauty shop in Lagos.

As earlier said, this doesn’t mean you can’t have your shops in other parts of Lagos. And if you are still searching for that shop to rent, you can visit PropertyPro.ng to get started.