Where Will Derrick Rose Play Next Season?


New York Knicks are a mess right now. They are not showing up on defense, Carmelo Anthony is failing to lead his team, and the other guys have nobody to follow. Derrick Rose is playing decent basketball, but after his latest comments about him wanting a max deal and his recent not showing up for the game in MSG, people are wondering about his future.

Rose’s contract is expiring this offseason, and it will be interesting to see which team is going to pick him up. One thing is for sure. He is not worth a max contract. His passion for the game is questionable, his skills are not on the level of a max player, and his health is always a big question mark.

His dreams of getting that max deal will be shut down as soon as free agency starts. The only way he gets that deal is if some desperate non-Playoff team that wants to get at least a guy that was once a star overpays him and gives him a monster deal. Candidates are the Sacramento Kings and Orlando Magic. Those two are just off the top of our head. If Chris Paul leaves the Clippers, they might make a move for Rose, at a decent price. LA would probably attract him, and he’ll go there if that happens.


It’s pretty tough to predict where Rose will play on an opening night next year. He won’t be playing in the Madison Square Garden, that’s for sure. If we had to pick a team, it would be the Sacramento Kings that will be stupid enough to give him a long-term contract.