Which Hormone Stimulates Leydig Cells to Secrete Testosterone?


Thinking about hormones usually starts during puberty when we often hear that word. People usually use it to describe increased aggressiveness, moodiness, increased energy and libido. Of course, this is pretty on point, since hormones truly impact all these areas of the man’s life. Later on in life, when we start noticing an overall drop of energy and libido, we may connect it to a stressful period in life or any other factor that comes to our mind.

However, learning about testosterone and its role in the body, everything becomes pretty clear and understandable. Once you understand its role and the effect it has on you, you will be able to fight a lack of it better. The most important thing is to be ready to listen to the doctor’s advice.

The role of the testosterone


If you are looking for one factor that is making men as they are, that would be testosterone. Its levels vary during the lifetime of a male individual. The peak occurs during the teenage years when all the male characteristics get formed – the deeper voice and hair growth, but this is also the time when the beard starts growing and also the genitalia get fully developed. This hormone is responsible for the male behavior, libido and the energy level making it essential for the overall functioning of a man.

It is no wonder why men love it and get worried if there is a drop in the testosterone level. It can be felt pretty intensively. Usually, the first alarming sign is the loss of energy and then libido goes down the hill, after that pretty much every aspect of a men’s life changes. However, even though this may alarm you, there are ways you can significantly improve your overall health and increase the testosterone level, either with natural testosterone supplement or with a targeted treatment.

Natural ways to boost testosterone


There are many natural ways how you can increase the testosterone level in your blood. Even if you start getting a treatment, it is always better to attack the problem from all the sides and help your body cope. One of the most important ways is engaging in regular exercise and lifting weights. Not only it will help you balance your hormones, but it will also help you to work on your confidence and to improve your overall health.

Balanced nutrition plays a very important role in the whole process. Protein should be number one on your menu since it can help you lose fat and protect your health. Carbs can help you keep your hormone levels optimized, especially if you are involved in the resistance training. Focus on whole foods because it is full of nutrients you need. Avoid processed food altogether – it will just make it harder for you to reach the hormone balance you need for optimal health. Lifestyle is also very important. Adding supplements such as magnesium, whey protein, fish oil, and D3 will surely have a great effect on your health.

Avoiding stress is crucial because stress raises cortisol and cortisol reduces testosterone. Everything is connected, so it is necessary to understand the bigger picture to be able to impact the areas that need some work. Having enough sleep is essential. Not only it will give you the rest you need, but sleeping has a more important role than that. It impacts the overall health and it can help you put your hormone levels under control.

Treatment for low testosterone


There are several treatments for low testosterone levels and they shouldn’t be used without the doctor’s prescription. Depending on your particular case, the doctor will recommend skin patch, gel, mouth patch, injection or an implant. The skin patch should be applied daily and it contains a certain amount of testosterone that gets absorbed through the skin. The gel has the same use, but its form is different. The place where it should be applied is also recommended by the doctor and if you have any doubts, make sure you ask everything you want to know.

The mouth patch gets placed on the upper gums and then it releases testosterone continuously into the blood through the oral tissue. Injection gets applied to the muscle, so it can be a faster and more convenient method for people who are not ready to dedicate a lot of time during the day for the other methods. In the end, there are implants that get placed into the soft tissue and then they release the hormone into the bloodstream slowly.

The method you will choose depends on your lifestyle, habits, and preference, but the doctor’s opinion is, in the end, the most important, so be ready to change your mind if your doctor gives you a piece of advice different from what you’ve expected. If you want to order medications that your doctor prescribed or inform yourself about testosterone, check FairPriceRX.

Which hormone is responsible for testosterone production?


Leydig cells or interstitial cells of Leydig are found in the testicles. The hormone that helps produce testosterone with the help of Leydig cells is luteinizing hormone or LH. These cells initiate androgen biosynthesis and secondary sex characteristics regulation. The Leydig cells are found in fetuses and then get replaced by the adult cells right after birth. The process of luteinizing hormone affecting Leydig cells starts in puberty when the most turbulent period in the life of a man begins.

We hope we helped you shed a little light on your doubts you have about testosterone. It is necessary to get to know the main reason for your symptoms that impact the quality of your life. Keep an open mind and be ready to try various treatments before you find the one that will be just perfect for you. It may take a little bit of time before you start noticing the effects of the treatment, but don’t give up. Be patient and persistent since that is the key to a successful treatment.