Who Had The Best Performance During Thanksgiving Day In The NFL?


Three games were played on Thanksgiving Day just like NFL always plans. Two of them were pretty competitive and fun to watch, while the third one wasn’t as exciting. Andrew Luck was unavailable yesterday for the Colts, immediately making the Steelers big favorites in this one. They met the expectation and destroyed the Colts in Indy.

There were some great performances last night, so it’s hard for us to pick just one. Slay’s interception at the end of the game to give the ball to Lions was huge. That play alone makes his performance amazing as he secured that ball that put them in a position to win that big divisional duel with huge Playoff implications.

Ezekiel Elliot also had a great day with over 100 scrimmage yards and two touchdowns. He is still running the ball with efficiency while also being active in the passing game and adding yards to his account even that way.


But the game ball this Thanksgiving goes to Antonio Brown and his three TD catches. He was a bit timid in the past couple of rounds, so this is a great sign for the Steelers. Yes, it was against this bad Indianapolis defense, but it’s still an impressive feat to achieve.

Brown finished the game with five catches for 91 yards and three touchdowns. Bell also had a great game with 120 rushing yards and a score, but Antonio’s three trips to the end zone give him the nod for the best performance of Thanksgiving day.