Who Is Triple H’s Favorite Opponent Of All Time

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The young WWE fans know Triple H as the leader of the NXT brand. To them, he is somebody that is in charge of one of the most popular brands that the company has ever had. There is no doubt about the fact that he is great at what he does right now for the company. But, he was also great as one of the greatest WWE Superstars of all time. There is a reason that he is the 14-time World Champion.

Yes, his best work was as a heel during the attitude era. He was feuding with stars like The Rock, and it was good television. Not only did he get a good heel heat on himself, but he was always able to get over the babyface. That is what heels are supposed to do, and Triple H was one of the best at that.

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He has seen the good and the bad of the business that he loves and that he devoted his life to. When someone like that says something about the other performers, it is a big honor. Recently, he talked about his favorite wrestlers ever in the WWE and here is what he said.

“My favorite competitor of all time is probably Shawn Michales,” Paul Levesque started explaining and continued. “Just I know he’s one of my best friends and I just think he’s one of the greatest performers of all time. If I had to pick somebody, overall it would be Ric Flair,” Triple H clarified. “Modern Shawn would be my favorite, but if I had to choose an all-time favorite, it would be Ric Flair.”