Why A GPS Tracker is Essential in Mountain Hiking?

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An outdoor GPS tracking device for mountain hiking will keep you and your team members always connected with real-time location, even when there’s no cellular service.

Are they necessary in the mountains? Yes, they are. If you practice mountaineering, trekking, hiking, via Ferrata or canyoning, this is for you. For trail running, we recommend the use of watch-type browsers for their features. But, for the rest of the activities on the mountain, take note.

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Sometimes, and while planning your next mountain adventure, the red lights come on. Will I have enough with my mobile phone to guide me? Do I add the paper map and the compass in the backpack? Will I take the GPS navigator for the mountain?

If you practice sports in which you need to constantly orient yourself so as not to lose the path or the route, the rhythm of the activity allows you to constantly visualize the device or the duration extends for several days, nor do you even think about doubting it. Make a hole in the backpack.

What features does the mountain GPS tracking device need?

With the battery fully charged, it should support a full day of activity. A day of activity in the mountain revolves around 12 o’clock. So, before purchasing any device, make sure that its autonomy will allow you to move peacefully through the mountain.

It must be water-resistant. Nothing is better than to verify that it complies with the IPx6 or IPx7 certifications.

The IPx6 certification provides protection against both heavy rains and torrential rains. However, it is not prepared to be submerged. For this part, the IPx7 certification, in addition to being prepared to withstand both heavy and torrential rains, also allows the device to be submerged in water in short duration. However, with prolonged or continuous immersion it can get damaged.

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Resistance is another element to consider. Practicing activity in the mountains, it is more than likely that sooner or later suffer some blow. To do this, make sure that the materials with which it is manufactured are prepared to withstand blows without damage.

Now, insert resistant materials lightly. And, a heavy device will hinder your movements while enjoying your favorite activities.

That they are visible to the Sun is also an important aspect. To do this, make sure the screen is transflective. A normal screen, exposed to the Sun, loses brightness and hinders the display of content. Instead, transflective technology uses that light to reflect it behind the screen and give visibility to the content.

Both the availability of maps and their visualization cannot be overlooked either. To move peacefully through the mountain, you have to have a wide catalog of maps. However, the incorporation of cartography is not available in all models. There are both free and paid, and can be downloaded from the portals of the same brands.

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You can’t miss the size either, either the device or the screen. It must be large enough to be manageable, but without each query ending up becoming a nuisance. The screen measurements should allow us to make any query without having to force the view.

In addition, the screens can be tactile or can be controlled from a Joystick. A touch screen is always seen with somewhat less contrast, and there are two types: the resistive ones – low precision but it works with gloves and with water – and the capacitive ones – high precision but it works neither with gloves nor with water-.

Now, a touch screen is always more comfortable. But, with rainy or snowy climates, handling with both joystick and physical buttons is much easier.

The speed of response, the incorporation of stable software, the possibility of expanding its capacity with a micro SD slot or battery power are also features or requirements that will decide the purchase decision towards one model or another. Always, however, depending on your needs.

Img source: aiblue.com

In any case, each GPS navigator for mountain complies with certain features. So, before using it, check the device you are going to use.

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