Reasons Why Budapest is Worth Visiting in 2024

There aren’t as many beautiful places in the world as beautiful as Budapest. The Hungarian capital must be on your 2024 bucket list as the sheer appeal of this city is rarely matched by other European capitals.

Your trip to Budapest will not be boring. At the least, you’ll see amazing architecture and unprecedented sights. But for the full picture, we’ll you will have to continue reading.

So, with all that said, let’s see why Budapest is worth visiting in 2024.

1. It Has the Most Beautiful Parliament in Europe

The Hungarian parliament is considered by many as the crown jewel of the nation. Not only is it located on the Danube River, but it also radiates both day and night. This is the first spot for many travelers to see as it is the postcard of the nation.

Both the parliament and the Danube River are in close proximity to one another, so you’ll tick off two boxes at once. But once you get there, you have to make your way towards the Assembly Hall. To put it shortly, the Assembly Hall is breathtaking and spectacular.

The golden lights emit an aura like no other building in the country. Not only that, but the country’s crown jewels can be found in the parliament.

2. Plenty of Royal Palaces

Budapest is deeply rooted in history and boy does it have historic buildings. Nearly every residential building in the city resembles a 16th-century medieval castle. As a matter of fact, the entire capital resembles a European kingdom. But what takes the cake are the plenty of Royal Palaces scattered across the city.

The city’s theme is neo-baroque. When making your way across the city, this will instantly become clear.

From the many castles on Castle Hill to Buda Castle across the river and many more, Budapest’s unique style is a symbol of the Hungarian spirit.

What’s even more interesting is that many of these Royal Palaces and castles have museums in them. So you’ll also be ticking another box while visiting one of them.

3. Roman Baths

Few cities across Europe have working thermal baths like the ones the Ancient Romans had. And truthfully speaking, there are few that are as magnificent as the ones in Budapest. The city, as we mentioned earlier, has plenty of history for you to experience.

And the thermal baths at Hotel Gellert or Szechenyi Thermal Bath are some that have been left from the Ancient Roman times. Restored and revitalized, these are popular tourist hotspots where you can not only explore a bit of history but also relax in a nice thermal bath.

With them being available in both Winter and the rest of the seasons, there is no bad time to visit Budapest.

4. Buda and Pest


The city is quite unique, to say the least. But not many travelers know that the city is actually made out of two parts; Buda and Pest. The Danube River effectively separates both neighborhoods; giant neighborhoods per se.

Buda is located west of the Danube River while Pest is located on the east. And this unique separation is what makes the city so spectacular. You’ll most likely reside in Pest as this is the part of the city where most people hang out during workdays. This is the administrative part as the parliament is also located on the Pest side.

And you’ll do most of your traveling at Buda as this is the part of the city that has plenty of hills with castles and museums. If you’re interested in visiting the best museums in Buda, then make sure to check this out.

Chose carefully where you’ll be booking your stay as you will have to cross one of the bridges to get to the other side.

5. Spectacular Parks

To say that Budapest is an old medieval city is true, but medieval cities and towns can be very boring. Well, that’s not the case here as there are dozens if not hundreds of parks that you can take a walk while visiting Budapest.

From Nepliget park to Varosliget Napozoret where you can also find the Heroes’ Square, there is plenty of greenery to explore when traveling to the magnificent city.

Almost every block of buildings has its own resting area. While some aren’t as fortunate, a simple overview of the Budapest Google Map and you’ll know what we’re talking about.

Don’t miss out on visiting the city as there is plenty of things to do. And the sheer amount of activities available is yet another reason why you should do exactly that.

6. Plenty of Activities And Stuff To Do

Your stay in the city will not be boring. Not only can you visit plenty of museums, castles, and even go to a spa during the day, but there’s plenty to do at night.

One thing that travelers love doing is to go wine tasting. Hungary might not be like France in terms of excellent wines, but boy are they excellent.

There are plenty of wine stores across the city that act as bars where you can sit down and have a fun night. With all that said, there are plenty of awesome bars that play excellent music and have an even better bear.

You can also do plenty of free stuff like having a picnic at one of the many parks. When on the subject of food, Hungary has an abundance of unique dishes that you will absolutely enjoy.

Gulyas is probably the one we recommend. It is the national dish that involves plenty of meats, veggies, and noodles. But if that sounds boring, wait until you actually taste it as Hungarians love to mix up paprika and other spices to give the dish its unique taste.

Another food we recommend is a sweeter one. It’s called Szilvasgomboc (congratulations if you can pronounce it) and these are potato dumplings filled with plumb. On top of that, they also dip them in cinnamon sugar to make them that more delicious and fun.