Why Do Girls Like Flowers So Much?

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Sometimes the best gift you can give a girl is the simplest one, but also the most beautiful one. Flowers are considered as the ultimate romantic gift for any occasion that every girl will love. But why is that? Why do women love flowers so much as the second they get them the flowers would start to wilt.

We will probably never get a definitive answer and will probably never be able to understand the mind of a woman truly, but the simplest explanation is that it is just romantic. According to a quote found at www.handyflowers.co.uk, being romantic is not hard and it is the thought that counts in most of the situations.

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Girls like receiving gifts, and it is essential that you mean something when giving it. And flowers do have all sorts of representations and hidden meanings, so it has that going for it as well. Nevertheless, here are a few reasons that you can think about why girls like flowers so much.

Remembering the Moment

Sometimes it is not as much about the flowers as you may think. Sometimes it is about the moment. When you think about it, flowers can be a pointless gift, as you do not get to keep them for a long time. But what you can keep is the memory of the moment you received them.

If a guy decides to give you a flower for an anniversary or your birthday, you will remember the event in most cases. You will also cherish and remember the feeling that you had when you received the flower. Sometimes it is not so much about the flower but the thought.

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If a guy manages to give a flower just at the right time and the right moment, the deed itself will prove to be much more potent than the flower itself.

Some Girls Are Just Romantic

Being an emotional and sensitive person might also mean at times that you are a romantic. But being a hopeless romantic is not a bad thing. But this puts you liable to gifts like flowers. Some girls are that way and they like every romantic gesture that a guy can perform for her.

This does not only include flowers; It can consist of stuff like opening the door for her, pulling her chair before she sits, giving her a box of chocolate for no apparent reason or just staying how much she means to him from time to time.

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But the cherry on top will always be a bouquet of flowers. Sometimes it is what they expect to get. So don’t worry yourself too much if you have a girl like this as you can always pick some flowers for her to make her happy.

Flowers are Traditional

Giving flowers to a girl has become a tradition. When you look back, your father gave flowers to your mother, your grandfather gave flowers to your grandmother, and their ancestors before them have done the same. So it is natural that a girl expects to receive flowers.

But the tradition of flower giving goes way behind. People in the past used flowers not just for healing but for decoration and also as a way to express their appreciation towards girls. The tradition has been passed on for centuries and has been preserved to this day.

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Traditions cannot be avoided at times and if your girl expects you to follow tradition, you better do it.

Don’t Affect How She Looks

Giving candy to a girl is one of the traditional ways of expressing your devotion to her. Valentine’s Day is the national day of giving chocolate and most men do it. But girls sometimes do not appreciate getting chocolate the way they should. Some of them don’t want extra sweets to affect their waistline.

How you ever had a situation where a girl told you that she doesn’t eat that because of her weight? Probably a ton of times. Girls also know this and because of it, they do not appreciate getting chocolate as much as getting flowers. You cannot get fat because of flowers.

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Flowers do not affect the girl’s waistline, but what they can do is to accentuate the way she looks. Girls appreciate flowers more than candy as it is something that makes them feel more feminine and affects their mood.

Girls Like the Fact that They Are Pointless

Some girls don’t really like flowers, but they like the idea of receiving flowers. Many girls are totally aware that flowers will eventually die out but they still get a big smile on their faces when they receive one. This is because of what flowers represent and not what they really area.

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If a guy gives a girl flowers, this means that he cares about her. It means that he would do anything to please her. If he gives her her favorite flowers, it means that he has taken the time to get to know her and learn something about her. So generally, the guy really cares about this girl.

The girls will recognize this and will simply see the flowers as a way of showing the true meaning behind these flowers and not just a mere image of what they could be.