Why Earl Thomas To Dallas Cowboys Makes A Lot Of Sense


When we are talking about the Dallas Cowboys, you know that we are always going to mention their great offensive line, an amazing running back, a young quarterback and overall a good offense. The offensive side of the ball hasn’t been an issue for this team in a while. But on defense – they have some work to do.

The draft has been fine for this squad as they do have a young core on the defensive side of the ball that is ready to put in the work and get better. But, you do need that leader, that guy that has gotten it done at the highest level and somebody that is going to show those youngsters what being a pro football player is all about.

Enter – Earl Thomas. He has been with the Seattle Seahawks for a while and was a key member of one of the best defenses in recent memory. The Dallas Cowboys do need a safety, and they just might go and grab somebody that is proven.


The hope of the Cowboys is that Xavier Woods grows into the starting safety role, but if you are going for the Super Bowl, you can’t put all of your eggs in that basket. Jeff Heath is a great player, but he has been inconsistent with his performance.

The ‘Boys don’t have a leader in that secondary. All of their veterans left a year ago, which left them without somebody to be the main man in the back.

Cowboys have asked the Seahawks about Thomas, who is more than ready to come to the big D. The Seahawks are also willing to let him go, but they are asking for a second-round pick. Right now, the Dallas Cowboys are prepared to only give up a pick in the third round for this player.