Here Is Why Ezekiel Elliot Should Have A Breakout Game For Dallas Cowboys

Picked 4th in the NFL Draft and considered as the favorite to win the Rookie Of The Year award. That is your Cowboys’ Running Back Ezekiel Elliot. But after subpar NFL debut and shaky performance in Washington, some of the fans are worried. Furthermore, a decent number of NFL analyst are worried. Well, all those thoughts are going to be removed on Sunday Night Football.

Bears are one of the worst teams in the NFL right now. Cowboys’ are heavy favorites to win this game at home, and this should be a breakout performance for Elliot against this Bears’ D.

Cowboys‘ should be leading for most of this game and that means that Running Game will be pushed more as that is the best way to control game clock and ball. Enter Ezekiel Elliot. Dallas’ higher-ups have said that they haven’t lost confidence in Elliot and that he is still their guy.

If that’s the case, rookie running back could see a lot of opportunities to run the ball. We are predicting that he will have over 100 rushing yards on 23 carries and at least one run for a Touchdown.

Morris will be a quality backup, and it appears that Elliot is Jason Garrett’s first choice for that RB position. There is no reason why Cowboys shouldn’t win this game and why Zeke won’t explode on this awful Bears defense.