Why Hire a Translation Service


As the use of the Internet is gaining a lot of popularity each year, natural barriers such as language, geographical distances, and borders are all becoming less of challenge in terms of communication and interaction. In order for your business to grow and expand, a good translation service is required to enable business and relationship building.

Entering a new foreign market can be exciting and thrilling, but what if you can’t communicate the same language? The potential for new business venues and new clients is massive. If you have a simple paper that needs translating, it would be pointless to hire a translation service, but if your business requires translating on a significant, extensive level, then it’s important to hire the right translation service to help you brand in that certain geographical market.


When thinking about hiring the best translation service, there are two things to consider. You can choose between automated, machine translation, or the traditional quality human translation. Both options are separated by speed and quality. The machine translation is fairly sophisticated and works with great speed, capable of translating dozens of pages of medical papers in a matter of seconds. They do this by comparing your document with others and compare the most likely string of words in a sentence. Human translation is the traditional option, it will take longer for a human to translate your texts from one language to another, but the quality is guaranteed. Can you spot the difference? Human translation is slower, but the translation will go flawlessly with no grammatical errors and correct sentence structure, as opposed to the machine translation where you get mixed results. The previously mentioned machine translation is called rule-based, and it has shown examples of being fairly accurate for related languages, but none more so than the newest method of machine translation the statistical machine translation.

Reasons to hire a translation service


Professional translation services, like Mars Translation, have translators from all over the world experienced in multiple industries in multiple languages.

Translation services will offer you quality and correct translating as it will be translated by a native human translator.

Translation services offer translation in multiple industries such as automotive, business and finance, travel and tourism, technical translating, gaming, legal translating, medical translating, education and E-learning, Software and IT and many many more.

Translation services help you think internationally, they help you think outside the box of your native language. They will use their experience to include cultural references that will only make sense to that language. This gives a sense of professionalism meaning that you’ve done your research on that geographical market.

Translators will help you keep the document in a style that is best suited for the targeted market. If you are offering a product to a more technical market, then the translation service will translate the text that reads technical.


Your clients will want from you to communicate in a non-sloppy language. Show some respect for them and hire a translation service to keep the communication professional for you.

Translation services will commit to your document full time, as it is their job. Translation services have experienced translators who can manage your deadline.

Translation services will offer you proper punctuality, quality translation, and no grammatical errors. Did you know that punctuality and grammar vary from language to language? Well if you don’t, translation services have translators that do.