Why is Technology Important for Students?


In the modern world, we are all surrounded by technology. From the pen on your desk to the aeroplane on the sky, everything is a result of the human civilization’s quest for technological advancement. The growth of technology has been particularly fast-paced in the past few decades.

Internet, in particular, has disrupted the world on an unprecedented scale. Today, over 3.8 billion people are connected to the internet on nearly 8 billion devices. In this article, you will understand how technology holds the key to unlock the true potential that lies dormant within the masses of this country and the world by progression.

What is technology?


Technology is a broad term with numerous definitions. All of them hold true from each of their perspectives. But in a broad sense, technology can be defined as the application of scientific knowledge into creating anything that reduces human effort and makes life on earth easier.

Technology has been advancing steadily over time. From the first steam engine to the development of an electric motor, the reach of technology has increased exponentially. In a relatively short period, humans have constructed bridges on oceans, stations in space and everything in between. Human life expectancy has increased, and mortality rates have vastly reduced through progression in medical technology.

How can technology impact education?


Schools have traditionally been sceptical about how technologies like mobile phones and tablets are going to affect a student’s studies. Technology can be used in many ways to enhance the learning experience of a student. Schools and colleges are only recently starting to adopt technology based methods of teaching.

Laptops and computers can benefit a student’s learning by making it an interactive and interesting process. Technologies like Virtual Reality (VR), if integrated into education properly, can be an interesting and effective tool to teach students. Teachers can also benefit a lot from integration of technology with education.

What is Ed-tech?

The application of technology to further the spread of education is Ed-tech. It is short for education technology. Technology has made systematised education widely available to masses, even for individuals living in rural areas without proper schools or colleges. The specific field of technology which has made it possible is Information Technology. It has virtually removed the distance barrier between persons living on two different ends of this planet.

Possibilities of Ed-tech are truly endless. Imagine yourself sitting on a hilltop in Himachal listening to a lecture that is happening or happened thousands of miles away in say, IIT Bombay. You are imbibing the truths of nature amidst nature itself. Imagine being told how integrals are useful instead of forcing them down the chute in the form of complex mathematical formulas that barely raises any sense of curiosity in a kid. This where lies the real importance of online educational institutions like Vedantu.

4 General Importance of Ed-tech for students


Mentioned below is a list of features that make Ed-tech crucial to all-round development of the country.

  • Ease of access- The accessibility value that it creates for users is the feature that makes it so important in the Indian scenario. Villages that do not have proper access to education are the ones that are going to benefit the most from this technology. A systematised curriculum on every subject will be available to anyone who wants to know more.

This means that a person living in a remote village without schools can gather actionable knowledge with the help of information and education technology. This essentially removes the information and education gap between the rural and urban population.

  • Ease of use- Education technology provides unparalleled convenience to its users. One can learn about any subject and at any level from the comfort of their home. A student might be having trouble understanding a concept; he/she can replay a video lecture thousands of times or look for an explanation from a different teacher all in real time.

In real life, if a teacher is asked to repeat more than once, annoyance will come naturally and it is understandable. Imagine having Vedantu NCERT solutions and explanations available to you on demand. This is why Ed-tech is so useful and convenient for the students and the teachers as well.

  • Teaching staff- Depending on the reach of the online institutions, the possibilities are endless. You could be watch professors and teachers from premium institutes of the country chipping into the vast pool of knowledge base that companies like Vedantu are trying to create.

Meritorious students from all walks of life will have instant access to lectures and reading material of NCERT Books at the touch of a finger. This could be the beginning of a new era where education is not restricted but available to all who seek it.

  • Primary education- Children generally try to avoid school. Studies say that this is simply because they are not engaged and inducted into the world of academics properly. Children are curious by nature; this sentiment should be leveraged to induce them to study. By the use of technology, primary education can be made more fun and interesting for kids by use of interactive animation to engage the child more.

This is not an exhaustive list. There are many more advantages of Ed-tech that apply to older learners and people who want to learn for the sake of gaining a deeper understanding of the laws that govern reality.