Why Lana vs. Naomi Was A Bad Idea

Even though we had the Money in the Bank ladder match this past Sunday between five women who were fighting for the chance to challenge the champion, that wasn’t the only women’s match at the pay per view. The newest member of the Smackdown Live roster Lana has been the one to challenge Naomi at the PPV event, even though that was her first singles match of her career.

Now, that is just one of the reasons why that duel was a bad idea. Lana was supposed to make her in-ring debut when she learned all the moves that there were to learn. She is still pretty green when it comes to wrestling so them putting her in a match like this is not fair to Naomi, it’s not fair to all the established wrestlers that have worked hard for their spot for years, and it’s not fair to Lana herself. You can’t expect too much from her in that kind of situation.

Source: adventuresinpoortaste.com

Stone Cold Steve Austin was also one of those people that really didn’t like this match happening when it did. He also agrees that Lana is still not good enough to be in the event of that magnitude and importance. Here is what he had to say.

“Naomi deserves better, the title deserves better. Lana wasn’t up for this task at hand, at this point in her career. I thought she had much more mystique as the valet, whatever the term is, with Rusev. Man, they kind of killed her gimmick off, and reinvented her, and I just liked her the way she was.”