Why Samoa Joe Is The Best Possible Partner For Braun Strowman


Two of the best storylines from the Monday Night Raw’s side of the build for Wrestlemania have been told with somebody not showing up or us not knowing what is going to happen and having to find out things at the show itself. One of those two is The Undertaker still not showing up, and the other one is Braun Strowman and the questions about who is going to be his partner.

WWE teased revealing who is going to be his tag-team mate, but in the end, they made the right call with not actually saying who is going to be fighting with him. That gives the fans something to look forward to and gives them another reason to get hooked. Since a lot of people care about what Strowman is doing, everybody is going to tune in to see his teammate.

In our opinion, there is one guy that stands out among all the options for his partner. His name is Samoa Joe. The duo of Strowman and Joe would be one of the most legit tag teams in recent WWE memory. They would be able to dominate, while they would also get the chance to feud among themselves, which is a great thing.


They don’t like playing with others, which is a perfect reason for them to start arguing while they are the tag team champions. The question is who is legit enough to beat them for the belts?

Nobody. But, they can beat themselves with arguing, one should turn on the other and they will lose the belts that way. After that, Joe vs. Strowman feud is going to be something to watch. At Summerslam, that would be one of the biggest matches on the card. That is why Joe is a perfect partner for The Monster Among Men.