Why Travel Insurance Claims Are Rejected Sometimes


Traveling is an integral part of any international vacation or business trip. Travel insurance is necessary to protect and prevent financial loses due to any unfortunate incident that may occur while traveling. It includes illness, loss of passport, missing a flight, etc.

On many occasions, your international travel insurance claim gets rejected. This may be distressing and at the same time, worrying. Therefore, it is necessary to be aware of the reasons when travel insurance gets denied.

This comprehensive guide covers all the essential points that lead to travel insurance rejections. It will eventually help you claim travel insurance.


Medical conditions

While opting for international travel insurance, it is vital to declare past and present medical conditions. Suppose, while traveling abroad, you fall ill. If you had a history with that particular disease, you wouldn’t be able to claim for sudden illness.

Extreme sports and hazardous activities

If you are an adventurist, choose international travel insurance wisely. Those who actively participate in extreme sports like bungee jumping, trekking, or parasailing at international locations must be careful. Many insurers do not cover such sports or the injury sustained due to it.

Alcohol Consumption


Generally, insurance cover does not exclude you from consuming alcohol. But, beware that any accident or loss occurred due to too much alcohol may not get you the insurance claim. Know the limits set by your insurance provider and show restraint.

Illegal/Reckless behavior & Fraudulent activity

Any unlawful or reckless behavior prevents you from claiming the insurance cover. Imagine you are staying at a premium hotel that has prohibited the use of their amenity like Sauna. You end up using it, which results in injury. Travel insurance companies reject such claims.

Avoid traveling to places warned by FCO & WHO

There are certain countries, islands, and locations on which warning and advisory are issued by The Foreign and Commonwealth Office – FCO and World Health Organization – WHO. These bodies regularly issue warnings and advice to a traveler as well. Some insurance providers refuse insurance claims if you visit these places.

Always check the notices issued by WHO and FCO before you make the travel plan.

These are the top 5 reasons which can get your international travel insurance claim rejected. The next 5 pointers mentioned are related to the insurance policy and related documents. Read on to know about them:-

Terms and Conditions

It is your responsibility to read the terms and conditions of the travel insurance before choosing it. Often, due to a misunderstanding of the terms laid down in the fine print, hassles and grievances arise. Therefore, it is advised to get clarifications from the concerned before selecting the travel insurance.

Exclusions in the claim


A travel insurance document usually tells the exclusions. Many of the reason mentioned above for claim rejections depends on the insurer. Therefore, have a thorough understanding of the exclusions in the claim before you proceed with your travel plan.

Report the incident on time


It is essential to report the unfortunate occurrence. If you have lost documents or passport, visit the police station and report it. In case you fall ill suddenly, consult a doctor as soon as possible. This will act as the valid proof to claim the international travel insurance cover easily.

Visit only the approved medical centers

When it is a case of medical emergencies, there are medical centers that are validated by the insurance companies. Make sure you visit them. There are chances that your insurance gets rejected if this clause is not followed.

Supporting documents

Supporting documents are a must to claim any travel insurance successfully. Suitable evidence like the police report or a doctor’s certificate should be submitted without fail.

Keep in mind these reasons before you take off for your next trip. This will also help you to claim the travel insurance cover without any hiccups.

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