Why You Should Choose a Fan Filter Unit For Your Cleanroom

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While traditionally, air handling systems and units were used as the cleanroom filtration solution, Fan Filter Units which are alternatively referred to as integrated blower modules have gained tractions due to their many advantages over air handling systems. Fan Filter Units were first introduced in 1984, and since then their function keeps on improving to meet even more challenging dynamic cleanroom requirements.

Advantages of Using Fan Filter Units in Cleanroom Applications


Fan Filter Units (FFUs) are smaller and hence help in saving space during the construction of a cleanroom. For cleanrooms that are not big enough, FFUs are the best bet in the efficient utilization of limited ceiling space. They can be installed without having to scramble for extra room and hence saves on construction costs.

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Besides being space-saving filtration systems in cleanroom construction, FFUs are also cheaper and easier it install. This simplicity of installation and operation makes a great Fan Filter Unit great for a fast-track construction schedule where time is an urgent consideration to build cleanrooms. It also allows a low capital cost which keeps the cost of constructing your cleanroom within your intended budget.

Reliable and Energy Efficient

FFUs are reliable because they are not as prone to breakdown as is the case in most air handling units. Besides, FFUs especially newer models are less noisy and more energy efficient due to the use of the electrically commutated motor rather than the usual standard induction motor. The former allows for complete airflow speed control without stressing its components while also providing a great way to control noise, air velocity and power consumption making the cleanroom more efficient in terms of air filtration and energy use.

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FFUs are highly flexible and customizable as needed. Depending on your cleanroom design and space, each filter and housing can be adjusted or customized with regard to airflow rate, filter media options and size hence fitting or kinds of cleanroom spaces as determined by your budget as well as process sensitivity.

As a result, economical Fan Filters can be used for less critical operations and smaller cleanroom spaces while critical process cleanrooms should use a Fan Filter Unit that is more advanced or with ULPA filters. According to ISO Cleanroom, the reason is because, in such critical process cleanrooms, the rate of air change and cleanliness required is higher as well as wider coverage requirement that needs FFUs with a higher rate of air exchange and better particle filtration that drives up both initial and lifetime costs. Finally, since they are adaptable to both soft and hard wall cleanrooms, they provide you with a greater choice of versatile, localised and cost-effective cleanroom spaces.

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