Why You Should Rent A Yacht When In Dubai


Dubai is a beautiful city that has been immensely growing in all directions for the past ten years. The people just love it, and millions of people visit it each year. From the desert walks to spending an outdoor night surrounded with belly dancers it is a beautiful experience. And on top of all that, Dubai sits in the beautiful Persian Gulf.

Exactly that Persian Gulf can give you a lovely experience enjoying a few hours on a yacht. Yacht renting is really common in Dubai, and it is one of the main attractions there. You get to enjoy beautiful sunset views from the boat, engage in a party with awesome food and drinks, and even go scuba diving. It is an excellent option for any possible occasion – from birthday parties and weddings, to regular chill events organized by a group of friends. Once you rent a yacht you don’t have anything to worry about – everything is insured and included you just have to enjoy yourself.

There are many agencies out there offering the Yacht service to the tourists, so it is wise to know what to look for when renting a yacht. Let’s take a look at some of the key factors and best yachts out there!

What You Should Look For When Renting A Yacht


When thinking about yacht rental in Dubai there are a few things you should consider:

  • First of all, you should determine how many of you will be going aboard. By that, you can see how large of a yacht do you need and what services should be included.


  • Along with that, be sure to define where would you want to be picked up and where to be left once the cruise is done. Do some research and see what are the best points to start and end your cruise. After you have done that, send an inquiry to the agency and see if they can provide that route.


  • Of course, you need to determine how many hours you will be renting the yacht before you go aboard. This way you are being fair to other clients and the rental agency as well. Calculate how many time you will need for all the activities and plan according to that.


  • See what services are available. If you want to organize a party be sure that the sound availabilities are high, though you can carry your sound system as well.


  • In the end, decide on the food and beverage. Though you can bring your own, almost all the yachts have a fully-equipped kitchen to provide you anything you might want – from Italian to Middle-Eastern food. A yacht rental Dubai assures nothing can go wrong.

The Best Yachts To Rent

  1. 155ft Luxury Megayacht. Starting with the best pick out there we bring you a 250 guest yacht beast. It is a perfect luxurious choice for a bigger event you would be organizing. This yacht is perfect for parties as well including a temperature-controlled swimming pool, amazing sound system and a two-level area for your guests to roam around. The catering service and kitchen options are amazing as well, and any of your needs will be fulfilled. One of the best Dubai Marina yachts for sure!


  1. 90ft Sunseeker Rental. You are sure to get the best view on Burj Al Arabi or Palm Jumeirah from this one. It can fit up to 28 people, has large overnight rooms if you decide to stay for more than a few hours and an amazing lower deck that includes luxurious sofas, sound system, and kitchen service. The staff is really friendly and there to serve you!


  1. 62ft Luxury Super Yacht. This one is excellent for a smaller wedding event or a party with a group of friends. The swim and sun-deck will give assure you have a great experience aboard, while you enjoy the music coming from an excellent sound system. The yacht is designed beautifully and is the right choice for anyone wanting to have some privacy and fun on the Persian Gulf.


  1. 38ft Fishing Explorer. Last, but not least is this Dubai Marina yachts boat that is just the right choice if you want to go out for a fishing trip. It is equipped with fish-finding tech and GPS and has a great small overnight room for you and your partner. Other than for fishing purposes, it is a great yacht to enjoy a dinner on, as the catering service is there to provide one for you!


Believe us, when out in Dubai don’t miss the amazing option of enjoying the Persian Gulf to its fullest. Those few hours of privacy and fun will last you a lifetime!