Why You Should Visit Bwindi National Park

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Located in Uganda, in the heart of Africa, Bwindi National Park is an amazing trekking destination filled with surprises and excitement. Often marketed as the luxury gorilla destination in Africa, Bwindi National Park is the only place in Africa where you can witness Mountain Gorillas with our very own eyes.

But what are the other reasons why you should visit Bwindi National Park? In this article, we are going to give you our reasons why.

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Bwindi National Park is home to more mountain gorillas than any other place in Africa

Bwindi National Park has more than half of the remaining population of mountain gorillas left in Africa. The National Park is home to more than 400 mountain gorillas and over 17 family groups. Bwindi National Park also allows tourists to experience firsthand how these families live and interact through the gorilla habitation experience trek.

Easily Accessed

The national park is fairly easy to access through both Rwanda and Uganda. Most tourists and trekking enthusiast fly to Rwanda and trek in Uganda to get to the national park. Trekking all the way to the national park is considered an amazing experience that all lovers of the “sport” should consider one day.

Bwindi National Park is the best gorilla habitation experience

One of the best features of Bwindi National Park are the combined trekking and gorilla habitation experience. It is the best gorilla experience that Africa has to offer that involves a whole day trekking followed by spending 4 hours with a gorilla family and experiencing how they interact with tourists. This activity is only available in the southern areas of the park, and the activity itself is very different than a normal gorilla trek. In this activity, you take part in it, as opposed to being just a common observer. The gorilla habitation experience is one of the most sought after activities in the national park, and permits can cost up to $1,500.

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It is one of the best national parks in Africa

Bwindi National Park is widely renowned around the world and CNN even named it the best national park for 2017. Lonely Planet named it as the most unusual place for a honeymoon destination in the world and the park is even protected by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. The Bwindi Forest is also declared by UNESCO as a natural wonder that just adds to the reasons as to why you must visit it someday. Furthermore, the national park is voted as the best birding site in Africa by the Africa Bird’s Club in 2012.

There are more things to do than just gorilla trek

Bwindi National Parks offers far more than just the once in a lifetime gorilla trekking experience. Activities such as hiking, trekking, birding, and experiencing the local culture are some of the more renowned activities that the national park has to offer. Extreme sports are also the type of activities that can be frequently arranged with Mountain Biking in the Buhoma being the most popular one.

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The national park is also home to many other primate species such as baboons, chimpanzees, pans, apes, lemurs, and more. Elephants also call Bwindi their home, as well as, many species of birds, plant life, insects, and more.