Will Broken Matt Hardy Succeed In The WWE?

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One of the most popular wrestlers in all of wrestling over the past two years has been Broken Matt Hardy. Grant it, his character was not everybody’s cup of coffee, but his popularity can’t be denied. Matt has been able to turn the character that most people would fail with into something that most of the wrestling fans enjoyed. Will that also be successful on the main roster?

Well, a lot of that depends on what WWE does with him and how they book him going forward. There is no doubt that fans prefer the Broken version of Matt over the current one. When he made his debut, the fans started chanting “delete” which is his signature catchphrase.

He is slowly but surely bringing it back which is a great sign that he will indeed become Broken. The character itself will be over with the fans. That’s given. But, his success is not only going to depend on whether or not he is over, but it is going to depend on how the company presents him and how they use him going forward.

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He doesn’t need his promos to be scripted. If Matt is given the green light to do what he wants during his segments and promos, his delivery will be natural, and his success will be guaranteed.

Good feuds for him are also something that WWE needs to make happen. Someone like Bray Wyatt working with Hardy is going to elevate both stars on Monday Night Raw. If we were booking Matt, that would be his first feud and maybe even Wrestlemania match.

If WWE does these things, Broken Matt will be elevated to the levels unseen during his tenure on the indy scene.