Will Bullet Club Show Up On WWE TV?

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One of the best factions outside of the WWE in recent memory was the Bullet Club. It was a big hit in New Japan Pro Wrestling as it was constructed by a couple of superstars that weren’t Japanese, that had a great look, a lot of in-ring skill and guys that just knew how to run a heel faction. Now, all of those core wrestlers of the Bullet Club that was so successful in NJPW are in the WWE.

Their first leader was Finn Balor, a guy that found success as a babyface in the WWE. If you haven’t watched him outside of the WWE, you can’t really imagine him being a heel. Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson, former Raw tag team champs, were also a part of the Bullet Club. They have always been a heel as their characters just fit that role naturally.

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When Balor bolted for the WWE, the leader of the Bullet Club was none other that AJ Styles. We have seen the pairing between Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows and The Phenomenal One, but they weren’t a real faction. Now, Gallows and Anderson could use something like that faction as they have no direction on Monday Night Raw.

The first leader of the Bullet Club recently talked about that team showing up on WWE TV and here is what he had to say about that.

“It’s something that comes up every now and again, whether we should reform The Club,” Balor said. “To me, it was a moment in time. That moment for me was four years ago. A lot has changed in those four years. Myself, Luke, Karl have a lot of history together and AJ is on Smackdown, the possibility of perhaps reuniting in the future, sure it’s tasty to a lot of people. I think individually right now we’re all stronger on our own paths.”