Will Dallas Cowboys’ Coach Jason Garrett be fired?


The Dallas Cowboys started their new season with the loss against the Panthers in Carolina, on Sunday. They were defeated 16-8, and many people blamed the team’s coach Jason Garrett.

However, this is the first game of the season – perhaps it is too early to lay blame. Or is it? The offensive duo consisting of quarterback Dak Prescott and running back Ezekiel Elliott didn’t function until late in the second half. Moreover, the wide receivers were not productive at all, adding salt to the wound. Sure the squad is new, many famous faces changed the team, or retired, and it may take some time for the Cowboys to get the good grip of the ball and improve their chemistry.

But the fans are becoming bitter because this is the story which carries over one year after another. And they are furious with the Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones for not firing the team’s head coach Jason Garrett after playoff-less 2017 year.


Not all of the fans are against Garrett. Just a season prior to that, he led the Cowboys to a 13-3 record and an NFC East title. He won the Coach of the Year award. Many speculated that Garrett is on the hot seat, but Jones debunked the speculations: “It’s fair for you to ask. But he’s not on my hot seat.”

The season has just started and the Cowboys, once again, look sluggish at the beginning of it. There is no time to waste, and if things are not working out, they need to change a few pieces on the board. And that change should start with finding a new head coach who will be able to put this team together and lead them further.