Who Will The Dallas Cowboys Franchise Tag?


The season for franchise tagging has begun, and teams are thinking about who are they going to tag this offseason. A franchise tag is enabling teams to keep some players that they don’t want or can’t pay long term, at least not now. Good players are often on the receiving end of the franchise tag as a team is still wondering whether or not they are going to give them a long-term deal that will have a big cap hit.

Dallas Cowboys are facing a pretty tough and tricky offseason as they need to make some important moves. Tony Romo and his situation are one of the priorities for Jerry Jones and Cowboys’ front office, but they also have the chance to use their franchise tag on someone. But, remember, teams only get one this offseason.

For some squads, it’s a simple decision. Like for the Steelers, who have LeVeon Bell who’s deal is now up and he will be franchise tagged in order for the Steelers to avoid giving him a long-term deal for another year. On the other hand, there are teams like the Dallas Cowboys that don’t have a clear-cut star who’s deal has expired. That also puts them in a good position as they might be better without paying a guy long term as it’s going to cost them less than a franchise tag.


Barry Church and Morris Claiborne are the players that might be franchise tagged. On the other hand, Dallas’ defense is not the reason they were winning games and letting go of guys like Barry Church is acceptable as he probably won’t make much money in Free Agency.

But then again, if they want to go to the Super Bowl, the defense will need to improve. They can’t afford to lose some guys that produced for them last season. Because of that Morris Claiborne is a guy that might be franchise tagged by the Dallas Cowboys.