You will get dizzy! Here’s how Ronaldo paid a surrogate mother to give birth to his children

Seven years after having his first son Cristiano Jr, Ronaldo is expecting twins via an American surrogate.

British media reported that Ronaldo would soon become a father since the best player in the world will get two sons from a surrogate mother in America.

Ronaldo has a seven-year son Cristiano Jr. whose mother was also a surrogate and whose identity Ronaldo hides from the public eye.

British media reported that Ronaldo confided to a couple of his friends that after childbirth the twins will be brought to live in his villa in Madrid, estimated at about 5 million pounds.

And because all of this is more or less known by now, everyone is normally seeking out for further information. Although Ronaldo is trying to hide details from his private life, Portuguese and English media have been able to obtain information about how much officially the best player in the world will pay a surrogate mother for giving birth to twins.

The sum reaches the number of about 17 million euros which he is probably also paying for keeping it a secret. Also, Ronaldo paid 12 million euros for his first son, Christian Jr.

A 32-year-old football player Cristiano Ronaldo is currently dating Georgina Rodriguez, and apparently, everyone in his surroundings is pretty excited for the arrival of twins:

“Cristiano and his family can’t wait to meet the new members of their clan.” A source close to the superstar stated and added: “He likes to keep a tight lid on his private life but has told loved ones and close friends the baby boys are due to arrive very soon.”