Will The Lack Of Interest Force Romo To Retire?


Tony Romo’s days as the starter in Dallas are over. The era of Dak Prescott had begun before he and anybody else thought that it would. Romo is going to be looking for a new home once the team releases him officially, but we are still waiting for that day.

Right now, everybody’s best guess is that Romo could end up on the Denver Broncos or the Houston Texans. A lot of analysts think that those are the two best spots for him. So far, nobody has really shown a huge interest in him. The teams can’t talk to him officially as that would be tampering, but the news would have broke that someone has a strong interest in him if that was the case.

If these two potential contenders in the AFC are possibly passing on Tony Romo when he comes available, what will be his options then? Is he going to go to a team that is not going to be competitive next year? In this stage of his career, what kind of satisfaction would that be?


He doesn’t really need to play anymore as he has all the money coming in from his contract with the Dallas Cowboys. He doesn’t need to risk a big injury that can affect the rest of his life after his football days are over if he is not going to be competing for a title.

There is interest in him as an analyst. Two networks want him to join them at the debate table as he is a guy that has started for an NFL team in the past 10 years. If the contenders are not interested in him, he could consider retirement.