Will Marshawn Lynch Be Back In The NFL?


One of the best running backs of the past couple of years was Marshawn Lynch, and there was no doubt about that. He is one of the rare RBs that are not that great with their first team but really hit their stride with their second squad. He was a decent starter as a member of the Bills while he did become a star and a champion with the Seattle Seahawks.

Right now, he is retired with no intentions of playing for the Seahawks again. He said he is done and they got themselves a new back in Lacy. Even though he is not playing anymore, Seattle has rights for him, and he can’t play for another team unless they trade this guy or release him.

As of right now, there is only one team that Lynch wants to play for if he is to get back to the game. That team the Oakland Raiders. Speaking of them, there are reports that they are considering contacting the Seahawks about a trade for Lynch if they do not want to let him go and if he wants to play again.


Raiders are his home-town team that still doesn’t have a running back while also being the only team that Marshawn Lynch desires to play for. If Lynch, and the team, is serious about this, this guy might be back in the league. They have let go of Murray, and that spot needs to be filled. There are not many players that can replace him that are better and more rested than Marshawn Lynch is.