What Will The Media Say After Odell Beckham Jr’s. Performance In Green Bay?


Odell Beckham Jr. is one of the most talented receivers in the NFL. A lot of people have him as the best that league has to offer. But, he is one of those guys that demands a lot of attention and has all the lights on him because of his antics that are not related to his performance. Everything he does will be talked about.

That is why the media was all over him and his Giants’ teammates traveling to Miami and being on a boat after their win in Washington next week. Of course, he was not the only Giant there, but still, the media will talk about him as he is the best player that New York Giants have.

Now, with his bad performance in the matchup with the Packers, everybody will talk about his trip to Miami and how that affected his productivity. But, it actually didn’t. The man just had a bad game as he dropped three passes that he usually makes with ease. There is no good argument for that Miami trip affecting his performance.


Still, the media is going to make a story out of that doesn’t make sense of course. Whether that is the case or not, Odell needs to know that things like this will happen every time with him whenever something happens, and he doesn’t show superstar level. He has all the lights pointed at him at all times, and that is why he should have avoided that trip. Not because it affects his performance. It’s because it makes his life so much tougher and harder when he does things like that. His post game antics didn’t help him as well.

All of this will make him one of the biggest stories during this upcoming week. Even though they as a team lost to the Packers, Odell will still get a lot of the blame.