Why A Windscreen Chip Is More Dangerous In Cold Weather


Driving a car with a chipped windscreen does not only put you and your passengers at risk, but it also puts your hard-earned money at risk. The authorities are highly likely to classify it as driving a car in a dangerous condition, especially if it’s in your line of vision or it’s wider than 30mm.

According to metroautogalss.com.au, there are many risks and that’s why windscreen chip repair is a must as soon as it is noticed.

  • It is easy to fail the road safety test
  • It carries a huge fine and penalty
  • It can invalidate your insurance
  • It could lead to an expensive replacement of the windscreen
  • It could inhibit your vision while driving
  • You could end up causing a fatal accident

Why It Is Dangerous To Have A Windscreen Chip In Cold Weather


Although this is something dangerous at any season of the year, it is more dangerous in winter or when it is extremely cold. For these reasons, a chip should never be left unrepaired.

  • Frost tends to get into the chip especially at night where it settles. This is a risk as the damage spreads with ease
  • When snow builds up on the windshield, it weighs it down and this, in turn, leads to the chip spreading
  • The daily freezing and thawing cause chips to spread rapidly

How To Prevent These Impacts Before Repairing

If you cannot repair the chip immediately for some reason, you can reduce these impacts. Make sure you park the car in a garage and if this is not possible, get a high-quality windshield protector. They are available and tailor-made for different car makes and models.

Another thing is that if ice has settled on the windscreen, avoid using a scraper to remove it and instead opt for a de-icer. This will remove it safely without spreading the damage.

Repairing the chip immediately is the best way to reduce further damage and avoid costly replacement. It can also get you into trouble with the authorities. You also do not want to get involved in an accident just because your vision was hindered. When you cannot have it repaired immediately in winter, there are a few things that you should do to reduce the impact. Park the car in a garage, use a de-icer to remove ice on the windscreen, and invest in a windshield protector.

What To Consider While Repairing A Damaged Windscreen?


When the unfortunate happens and your windscreen has been cracked or chipped, there is no time to waste. A repair should be done straight away otherwise you will have to spend more money replacing it.

This is one of the most important components of every vehicle and that is the reason it should never be ignored. It keeps occupants of the car safe from elements and keeps them comfortable.

The windshield also helps in maintaining the structural integrity of the vehicle.

The Most Important Factors When Repairing a Windscreen


As the car owner, you do not want to take chances with what you own. You want a technician who understands their job well to repair the auto glass.

You need the car to be safe again without further damage. With this in mind, some factors are a must consider during the repair.

Working With A Company That Meets Industry Standards

Just like in any other industry, the auto glass industry has set its standards. Every technician or company that repairs auto glass must meet these standards.

This is the reason it is important to ask about their licensing and insurance. You should see a copy of this documentation before they can start working on your vehicle.

The technician must not only be qualified but also certified and well-experienced. This is if you do not want to deal with the frustrations of a failed repair.

Getting A Reasonable Warranty

A company that believes in its work stands behind its services. This is why you see quality products with a warranty for even 20 years.

How much does that auto glass repair company believe in its workmanship? You can tell by the details of the warranties they offer.

The longer the warranty, the more confidence the company has in its work.

Understanding The Repair Process


As the technician assesses the damage of the windshield, they also advise on the repair process. This is customer care considering one needs to understand what their car will go through.

With this, you understand what the car is subjected to and how long it will take. You also know what to do to make sure the resin injected in the crack or chip has cured without interruption.

Whether They Have The Special Tools

Repairing an auto glass requires special tools and as you choose a technician, make sure they are well-equipped. Regardless they are mobile or you have to take the vehicle to their shop.

They must have all the tools required to offer quality services. Without this, the repair could fail and you end replacing the windshield.

Get Your Damaged Windscreen Fixed ASAP


To avoid impeding safe driving, a chipped or cracked windscreen should be repaired as soon as you find it out. Although the repair could be an emergency, you must understand what is important.It;s always crucial to put you and your family’s safety above anything else.

Are you working with a certified company? A licensed technician and is the warranty given reasonable? This is an important matter to consider. You do not need a repair after a repair. Thus, you need to make sure that you are hiring the right company and the best people to work on your broken car windscreen ship. Good technicians will and can deal with any problematic windscreens right even the first time.

By understanding the things mentioned above, we hope you feel more comfortable as our windshield is repaired. Keep in mind, safety should be a priority at all times.